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  • And the 2013 Man Of The Year is.....

    Trustworthiness and Respect.
    Responsibility and Fairness.
    Caring and Citizenship.

    Those are the words which Shipahoy41 so elegantly described should exemplify a man of the year.

    For 2013 we have selected a winner.

    It is with great pleasure that I announce the winner of the 2013 Man Of The Year award. He is a man who has been a member here pretty much since the inception of the site. A man that has provided many posts of advise and encouragement. A man that as moderated countless posts in an unbiased and compassionate manner. A multifaceted man that has both educated and entertained the crappie fishing community for well over a decade. Drum roll please........................and the 2013 man of the year is “crappiepappy”. Thank you so much for all the effort and work you have put forth towards making the best fishing site on the Internet. It would not be the same without you CrappiePappy.

    In honor of his achievement he will get some “uppercase” letters! I've changed his user name from plain old “crappiepappy” to "CrappiePappy”. Now that's what I'm talking about.

    And he also should have by now received (today according to the USPS) a complimentary “Man Of The Year” shirt plus a fine glass trophy to decorate his fire place mantle!

    Remember this old article? He wrote this article roughly circa 2001-2002:

    Thank you so much CrappiePappy for helping make what it is today. Looking forward to many more years of your friendship and stewardship.
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    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Congrats my friend ......I am still going to pick on you though They could not have picked a better person to receive this award this year, I appreciate your friendship and the help that you have given me.
    1. kycreek's Avatar
      kycreek -
      You the man Pappy. Congratulations & thanks
    1. DRPEPPER's Avatar
      DRPEPPER -
      Hear, Hear. Good Choice.
    1. Wiskers's Avatar
      Wiskers -
      Well deserved!

      A UK Wildcat fan I might add. Shows he knows his basketball to!
    1. clfarms1's Avatar
      clfarms1 -
    1. jackie53's Avatar
      jackie53 -
      "CONGRAT'S"!!!! Enjoyed the article!!!
    1. Mrs. Crappie Stalker's Avatar
      Mrs. Crappie Stalker -
    1. Speckanator's Avatar
      Speckanator -
      congratulations....looking forward to meeting you someday
    1. NYHellbender's Avatar
      NYHellbender -
      Allright Ship!!!! Way To Go - Congratz Bro!!!!!
    1. hawgdog's Avatar
      hawgdog -
      Congrats Pappy!!
    1. drill instructor's Avatar
      drill instructor -
      Congrats CrappiePappy!
    1. Jig'n4Crappie's Avatar
      Jig'n4Crappie -
      Congratulations CrappiePappy!!! You are the man!
    1. shipahoy41's Avatar
      shipahoy41 -
      I am so very proud of you my friend. You are truly deserving of this honor and is blessed to have you as one of its representatives. Congratulations on a job well done.

    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      keep up the good job
    1. STUMP HUNTER's Avatar
      Congrats CrappyPappy for a job well done.
    1. chucktx's Avatar
      chucktx -
      Congratulations CrappiePappy!!!
    1. Monark King190's Avatar
      Monark King190 -
      Good job. Congrats
    1. Rsw's Avatar
      Rsw -
      Congratulations Mr. CrappiePappy!!!
    1. crappie4me2's Avatar
      crappie4me2 -
      Congrats CrappiePappy!!
    1. RetiredRR's Avatar
      RetiredRR -
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