• Driftmaster Poem Contest - Winner Announcement

    There were just so many great poems submitted. It was a very tough decision. You guys/gals are really so creative. I'll be publishing many of the poems on the home page over the next month or so, but I'm here now to announce the winner. And the winner is......

    Well, we have a two way tie. with this one:

    I've fished off and on
    most all my life
    But not many crappie
    came under my knife.

    My dad tried to teach me
    But it was taking too long
    St Peter needing a fishing tip
    called my Dad home

    Left on my own
    to figure it out
    Not many fish were eaten
    at our humble house

    Until one winter day
    in 2009
    While surfing the net,
    just killing some time

    I clicked
    The result was amazing
    So much fishing information
    just free for the taking.

    I lurked and studied
    all through the winter
    Dropped structure and tied rigs
    wanting crappie for dinner

    When the weather warmed
    and spring was near
    I decided to catch crappie
    I would need some more gear

    I purchased cheap rods
    and some cheap reels
    and searched the net
    to find other cheap deals

    I purchased rod holders
    from Black River Tool
    They looked "built to last"
    and seemed awfully cool.

    I fished with info
    The lessons learned
    were second to none

    I caught crappie on purpose
    Not by accident now
    The info I learned
    on the net showed me how.

    My dad looking down
    from heaven above
    Still shaking his head
    In spite of his Love

    He says Son one more time,
    I'll give you heavenly advice
    "Buy good gear
    So you wont need to buy twice".

    But I learned the hard way
    Replaced rods reels and gear
    Boats, motors, and sonars
    Replaced through the years.

    As I rigged out my new boat
    I quickly realized
    Those Driftmaster Rod Holders
    I haven't had to buy twice.

    They've faced crappie and cats
    and gar by the dozen
    On multiple boats
    Over 4 years they've been proven

    So Dad up in heaven
    I've finally done something right
    Found Crappie.Com and Driftmaster
    No need to buy twice.

    And this one:

    An ode to my friends
    on the Arkansas board
    I'll mention a few
    and should mention more.

    Creekslick on Greers
    you'll find no one better
    He'll catch you a limit
    In any kind of weather

    I know a fellow
    That fishes Lake X
    Russ will give you a tip
    If you'll give some respect

    CMJ posts great pics
    and his threads are great reads
    He's a friend to all
    Even to a man called Habib

    Midsouth Man
    Our resident Pro
    Always seems to find
    Where the bigger ones grow

    Blackfish we know
    Can catch a winner
    He'll tell you his secret
    Use a 2 pound minner

    If you're needing a rig
    your boat no more swims
    Get on the phone
    and call BRM

    And Jerry down south
    Ties a great jig
    Put some Meatgetters in your box
    If you wanna catch pigs

    Nimrod my friend
    with a pole in his hand
    Jigging crappie right and left
    The best in the land

    Our AGFC biologist
    Mojorig and D10
    are making our fishing
    the best it's ever been.

    Arkcrappie Likes fishing
    but he likes hunting too
    Hopes to shoot Bambi
    before the fall bite is through

    New on the board
    is my friend Gzrglide
    You'll see him in the swamps
    His throttle open wide

    Mike and Casie with whom
    I like to do some gabbing
    Gimme a call while you're here
    We'll go 8 inch slabbing

    BillyE on the board
    his fishing is not inferior
    He shares his good luck
    With the folks from Superior

    Hawgdawgs boat
    is my favorite rig
    He's the best around
    Dock shooting a jig

    The person that holds us
    Together like glue
    Ski Trip he's known
    Can catch a fish too

    Bowhunter and kids
    Look like they have fun
    Both fishing and hunting
    they get it done

    Luvpt and blue thunder
    Can fill up a cooler
    In south Arkansas
    They are the ruler

    And Handi strikes fear
    in the Mississippi bunch
    When he heads south
    There'll be crappie for lunch

    Gindog my friend
    Has been called Crappie Bob
    At catching a crappie
    he does a fine job.

    And what about Don
    He's called Dr Pepper
    He cooks, strums, and sings
    Making our camps better

    And ole Laser Beam
    Gave me my favorite shirt
    Post up my friend
    before we send out a search

    And Harold over there
    often unheeded
    pitches in at the camps
    Wherever needed

    Bunches of great people
    I can think of a few
    Like Scrapper and Rookie
    and Cache22

    All join together
    On our piece of the net
    To make the Arkansas forum
    The best forum I bet

    One thing to mention
    before this is poem is done
    this writing brought to you
    by Driftmaster and

    Luckily, they were both submitted by the same person, so the winner on the Driftmaster Poem Contest is the one and only RCC.

    RCC win's:
    T-5100-8: 8 foot long, 12" tall crank bait rack with 6 Li'l pro rod holders and clamp bases ($350 retail).

    Check it out on their site on this page: Trolling Systems and Accessories

    You can see the rest of the poems here in the original contest thread here:
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    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      what a winner way to GO
    1. hawgdog's Avatar
      hawgdog -
      Congrats Randall!!
    1. Monark King190's Avatar
      Monark King190 -
      Congrats my man!!!!
    1. TexExp's Avatar
      TexExp -
      A poet!!
    1. RCC's Avatar
      RCC -
      Thanks so much Slab, friends, and Driftmaster. What a treasure we have just a click away. Not many places like this anywhere on the internet. I hope you all have enjoyed reading the poems as much as I've enjoyed writing them. I only hate that I didn't mention everyone that frequents the AR board. A couple more "stanzas" were added by some of the Arkansas crew and myself after I reposted the second entry down on the AR board here...

      I will enjoy the Driftmaster Rod Holders. I think the T-5100-8 will be a great finishing touch to the Excel 1860vsc.

      Thanks again.
    1. crappie legend's Avatar
      crappie legend -
      Looks like a crappie Battle Ship
    1. rducks123's Avatar
      rducks123 -
      Congratulations RCC.
    1. DCottrell's Avatar
      DCottrell -
      Way to go RCC, Great Poems, Enjoyed reading them.
    1. boatdocksam's Avatar
      boatdocksam -
      congrats great poems
    1. gzrglide's Avatar
      gzrglide -
      Good Job RCC, after talking tonight, and looking at the drift masters on the front of your boat, kinda hoping we get some weather this weekend so I will stay home break out the welder, grinders and aluminum and make me some mounts similar to yours for my magnum.
    1. CrappiePro's Avatar
      CrappiePro -
      Great Job Randall
    1. specktacklure's Avatar
      specktacklure -
      great poems
    1. Scrapper's Avatar
      Scrapper -
      Great job man!!! I know I speak for all when I saw, we would LOVE to read more of your poems about fishing, hunting,, or whatever may strike you! Congrats!
    1. kycreek's Avatar
      kycreek -
      Good job RCC
    1. Gindog's Avatar
      Gindog -
      Good job Randall
    1. RetiredRR's Avatar
      RetiredRR -
      You da man RCC. Congrats.
    1. Herewego's Avatar
      Herewego -
      Great Job
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
    1. Idunno's Avatar
      Idunno -
      Great job, RCC! Congrats on the win.
    1. prefers shiners's Avatar
      prefers shiners -
      enjoyed the poems.....congrats........
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