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  • NLR-44 crappie and a cry for help.

    First, the cry for help. I was about a quarter mile from where Blackwater Creek dumps into the NLR (North Landing River) around 11:15 when I heard a man yelling for help. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me so I hung out in the area shown in red on this map and listened.

    After a short bit I could hear it again as well as a whistle but oddly, I still thought my mind was playing tricks with me. I moved in and out of the three arms that are in this area but could not find the man. He sounded closer the further south I was. (all this while the wind was blowing SW 10-15) While he was blowing the whistle quite often he only called out for help a few times. Realizing that I could not find him I called 911. I gave the operator my gps coordinates and told him I was near the mouth of Blackwater Creek and still the operator could not figure out where I was. Lots and lots of questions but long story short, a helicopter showed up so I pointed it in the direction I heard the whistle. A few minutes later a rescue boat showed up and while I was talking to them they waved me off and took off. Apparently, the helicopter spotted the man and notified them via radio. I was also at this time talking to the rescue department and I thought they said something about a boy.

    My gut feeling from earlier was right, this man was up a different creek arm (Mill Dam Creek) that was miles away by water with the entrance straight across from Munden Point. (blue arrow) I followed them to the entrance of the creek but backed off at that point. I believe the man was in the area I have circled in blue as that is where the helicopter kept circling. An hour or two later I got a call back from the rescue department telling me (while at the same time coincidentally the helicopter flew right over me and the wind was gusting to near 20mph) that they have found a stranded wave runner and all was well. With the noise from the helicopter and the wind I could not make out everything he was telling me but I think that perhaps it was a father and son on a wave runner doing some exploring.

    They were in the middle of nowhere and when I think about it, it's possible that they may have had to spend the night there had I not heard them. You could not hear the whistle with your motor running and who but us fishermen are out there not making noise? And I was the only fisherman in this area. Anyways, it sounds like it all turned out well so that's great. His whistle was the best thing he had as I could hear it from quite a ways away. Throw one in your boat if you don't have one.

    Now on to my fishing report. Nothing to really brag about. I picked up 20 crappie in 3 hours at my first stop with most of them around 10" but some were ridiculously small. Most were in water around 10' deep and I was catching them around 4' down casting a Money jig and a Cajun Cricket BGBS. I also landed this monster.

    After the rescue was over I headed into West Neck Creek and got the remaining 24 in pretty much the same scenario as earlier with the biggest at 11" but the winds were over 15mpg and a major PIA and didn't really allow me to fish my favorite areas. I did some exploring up Pocaty Creek and did not get a bite. I showed water temp was 79-84. Golf tomorrow then one of the Suffolk Lakes on Monday. Life is rough.
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    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      great job
    1. Fish on Line's Avatar
      Fish on Line -
      The Creator put you there to help someone when no one else could hear the call !!!!!
    1. Crappiegirl1's Avatar
      Crappiegirl1 -
      You are a hero, if not for you they may still be out there
    1. hucklburry's Avatar
      hucklburry -
      They are lucky you listened to that little voice in your head and stayed around trying to figure it out. Not every day you get to call out the helicopter!

      I have a whistle attached to the kill switch lanyard, maybe I should put a second one somewhere else just in case.
    1. RetiredRR's Avatar
      RetiredRR -
      Whistle attached to PFD at all times.
    1. skeetbum's Avatar
      skeetbum -
      Have a whistle in the boat. Great job on sticking with it and following your gut. Buy yourself a little bigger steak for the grill tomorrow.
    1. boatdocksam's Avatar
      boatdocksam -
      great job
    1. STUMP HUNTER's Avatar
      Thanks for helping out a boater in need.
    1. katiebell's Avatar
      katiebell -
      A friend in need...
    1. DCottrell's Avatar
      DCottrell -
      Great Job.
    1. jordy1380's Avatar
      jordy1380 -
      Good job, way to be a good Samaritan!
    1. Knot2Bad's Avatar
      Knot2Bad -
      Glad to hear real life stories. I know we all have a few if you have lived long enough. THanks for being there and helping out. Your right we should all have a whistle on our boat. even if you have a air horn once the air is gone you still have the whistle and its easier and more effective than yelling. Also glad to see you were rewarded with that nice bluegill.
    1. ronetone's Avatar
      ronetone -
      good thing you were around and heard them or they would been stuck there all day and night possibly