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    Ya'll will love this recipe. Pretty much they're stuffed smoked sausage but we call them Fatties. I've done this at some of the parties we go to and they are ALWAYS a big hit. Actually don't think I've ever brought them and not had someone ask for the recipe. You can pretty much stuff them with just about anything but I usually do close to the same thing each time. ENJOY

    1 pound bulk sausage
    1 tomato (cubed)
    red onion slices
    pepper jack cheese slices
    Bell Pepper slices
    diced mushrooms
    Pack of thick sliced Bacon
    Plastic Wrap
    Pecan wood chunks
    my basic spice rub (to follow)
    1/2 cup kosher salt
    1/4 cup each other following:
    Black Pepper
    Chili Powder
    Italian Seasoning
    Mustard Powder
    Garlic Powder
    Onion Pawder

    ( this is only my basic rub and I add many different things according to what I'm cooking. ANY pork gets a cup of Dark Brown Sugar)
    Take the plastic wrap and lay a couple layers wide on a table or flat surface and simply flatten out the Sausage til it's about the same length as is was but to approx a 1/3 inch thick. To make this easier I keep my hands moist with either water or a bit of EVOO.
    Now just layer all the veggies out on the sausage to about 1 1/2 inches from the edges. Don't put to much as it'll leach out during the cooking process.
    All you do now is roll her up like you do sushi, using the plastic wrap as the wrapper. Once wrapped TIGHT, twist the ends of the plastic wrap tight and spin it to get the roll even tighter. If some of the veggies bust through the sausage you'll need to fix that hole with some sausage from either the end or another thick spot. Place in fridge for about an hour or so to firm it up abit. While it's sitting in the fridge go light your smoker. I have a Big Green Egg and it works great but any smoker will work, Wood or Gas. You'll need to have a drip tray under this though cause some cheese will ease it's way out and the bacon grease will cause flareups. Go ahead and soak those Pecan Chunks for at least 30 minutes while you're lighting the grill as well and once lit and up to temp (225), put a decent amount of the wood on the grill so it'll be smoking real good when you put the Fattie on it. Now, back to the kitchen and take the Fattie out and roll it in the Rub, making sure you coat it real good. Now back outside and put her on the smoker, as you do this, put a couple strips of the bacon on it. This truly adds a great flavor. This should all be done at about 225 degrees and should be cooked til it's 165 degrees internal so break out that meat thermometer that's in your kitchen drawer. Once she's up to 165, pull her and tent it with foil for about 20 minutes.Slice it into about 3/4 to 1 inch slices so you get enough of the stuffing. These Fatties are some of the best finger foods you can get. I serve mine with a honey Mustard and they go fast so when you put them out. HIDE A FEW for yourself LOL

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      looks great!!!
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      lkintner -
      We make them all the time always a big hit!
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      endo2075 -
      i basket weave the bacon and wrap the fattie in that.
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      NYHellbender -
      Holy Moly -- I just drooled on my keyboard!

      Do you deliver??????????????

      I will be trying this for sure. Yum-O!
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      looks good
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      yum, looks good
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