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  • Fishing Poem Contest - Winner of Charlie Brewer Slider prize package

    It has not been long since I found this
    All I can say is thanks Slab, your the bomb

    Now I sit here writin a poem about fishin
    Winnin some great prizes is what I'm wishin

    On this forum I've made some great friends
    I will fish these slabfests until my time ends

    Lately I've been online for our throwdown typin some smack
    My buddy TnT is the only Talquinette givin it back

    I've been speck fishin for quite a few years
    Finally I got an autographed coolie to cover my beers

    I usually go out with a detailed plan
    But Huntinslabs takes the trophy cuzz he's the Monroe man

    Now as I head out thinkin of Susan's cheesy grits bake
    Crappiegirl takes my picture while Jack holds her cane & the cake

    Billbob just went by with Abbey at the wheel
    Boy he's gonna have a mess untanglin that reel

    Here comes Mr green jeans with lights flashin on his G3
    Look there's Pontiac65 pullin one in on a Charlie Bee

    Now as I sit here with a BnM in hand
    I'm longlinin the lake with a Slider, my favorite brand

    As the lake gets crowded with bassers & tubers
    We head in before Phantom309 runs over some gubers

    When I got near the ramp I noticed this crowd
    Someone says "he forgot to tie down the boat" out loud

    Speckanator took Griffin & won the points race
    Next time you think JADA you'll see a familiar face

    I approach Flycaster with my fish for the weigh in
    All I keep thinkin is someday I'll make Team Geezer & take the win

    I'm at my ending with this poem you see is all about friends & family
    Please don't delete this Mr. Moderator named "G"

    That's funny I don't care who you are.

    Congrats for winning this great G3/Slider prize package Specktacklure.

    There were so many great poems, thank you for your submissions. In addition to the winner above we've chosen 4 runners up that will win a 6 pack of Slider packages as well.

    The runners ups are (in no specific order):

    By SlabSlayer60:

    Hey big ol' crappie where might you be,
    I would like to invite you to supper with me,

    There will be iced tea, hush puppies and some corn meal too,
    The only one missing right now is you,

    So get close to my jig and take a good look,
    Then make that thump and get stuck by my hook,

    I promise to be thankful for the bountyful feast,
    And I'll tell everyone you fought like a beast,

    I don't really know if fishes rest in peace,
    But I know how you'll taste when released to the grease.

    By RCC

    The sun is shining
    And the water is bluish
    I think I'll go fishing
    And use black and chartruish

    I caught some fish
    I say quite a fewish
    You asked what I used
    I say black and chartruish

    You say you don't believe me
    that my story is not truish
    I'll show you a picture
    A crappie... on black and chartruish

    That can't be
    Your catching ability is pewwwish
    I reply, you can't go wrong
    with a black and chartruish

    I hear you say
    "I'll be back in a fewish"
    Where you going I ask
    To buy some black and chartruish?

    The moral to this story
    When you want to catch a fewfish
    Make sure in your box
    Is some black and chartruish

    By Cane Pole:

    My wife had one wish:
    To learn to bass fish.
    So, bought her a pole;
    Took her to the hole.

    The first cast went in;
    It was not a win.
    On the second try,
    Pole and all went "bye."

    The water was deep;
    I let out a "bleep."
    We can come next spring;
    Then, I'll find that thing.

    Twas before the GPS;
    Knew it would be a guess.
    No more bass fishing
    For her--only wishing.

    Months go slowly by;
    Water no longer high.
    With doubts in the mind,
    We set out to find--

    That pole 'fore she cried.
    Land trees were our guide.
    With very little hope,
    We dropped anchor rope.

    Jumping into the lake,
    My feet were my rake.
    A few steps I took,
    And my feet did hook--

    Upon that lost pole;
    I had reached my goal.
    Unbelievable luck;
    But the pole, now yuck!

    We got back to shore;
    I told her "No more;
    Your pole is now shot;
    Your bass fishing aint hot."

    "You don't have the feel
    Of a rod and reel.
    You'll stick to the shore;
    You'll bass fish no more."

    (true story about Tom and Brenda)

    By HawgDog (yes we fell for it!):

    As I sit and ponder
    I can only wonder
    Since May 11th is my birthday
    Why not just send the Charlie Brewer package my way!!

    I need all these winners to PM me their mailing address and shirt size. Please mention "Poem Contest" in the PM.

    You can se the rest of the wonderful poems here:
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      specktacklure -
      Thank You Slab
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      Speckanator -
      WTG spectackliar....way to represent all us ignorant can't rhyme crappy from Florida
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      Great poems!
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      To all the winners..........Congrats and way to go!
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      Great poems by all, Specktackler, you out did yourself.
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      crappiehogman -
      from one who submitted his short poem,
      congratulates those the family did nominate.
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      good stuff
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      good read
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      congrats to the winners, some creative poems
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      good poems
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      Cmj -
      Congrats to everyone who won, and WTG to all who participated.
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      Congrats! I tried my hand at poetry but it wasn't as good lol.
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