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  • Chucky/Pappy @ Green 4/12-4/14

    Chucky & I did a 3day tour of Green River Lake. Scouting trip for Chucky, 1st actual fishing on a lake trip since retirement for me. Didn't get in a rush, didn't fish hard, and just enjoyed

    We ended up with around 90 keepers for the trip ... kept only 9.5" fish & larger.

    Chucky caught the "most" fish, every day. I got lucky & caught the biggest of the trip @ around 1.75lbs (male).

    This is what the fish cleaning station sink looked like, every afternoon after we came in ....

    Me with the "gooduns" (day 1 & day 2):

    And the "kitty" that found out what happens when you try & steal Pappy's minners :

    Great trip, plenty of fish caught (despite the weather & dirty water), and I survived a "face plant" in the boat .... without breaking or damaging any equipment or body parts

    Thanks for taking me, Chucky ... enjoyed myself to the max !!

    ... cp
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    1. Lotech Joe's Avatar
      Lotech Joe -
      Man! I gotta move to Kentucky. Nice goin'.
    1. CINDY's Avatar
      CINDY -
      Nice! Looks like you had a lot of fun.
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      You done pretty good for a geezer
    1. boatdocksam's Avatar
      boatdocksam -
      nice catch
    1. DCottrell's Avatar
      DCottrell -
    1. jpshen76's Avatar
      jpshen76 -
      That's really one way to enjoying your retirement
    1. Big Jay's Avatar
      Big Jay -
      ya gotta love it....good job boy's
    1. ronetone's Avatar
      ronetone -
      good times, enjoy your retirement
    1. dfar's Avatar
      dfar -
      Looks like retirement is treating you good other than the face plant.
    1. ifish4redd's Avatar
      ifish4redd -
      nice mess of crappie
    1. Hook One's Avatar
      Hook One -
      Looked like a very good scouting trip.
    1. Panfishin12's Avatar
      Panfishin12 -
      Wow great haul!!
    1. NYHellbender's Avatar
      NYHellbender -
      Thanks for posting the pics..... No frozen fish sticks for you guys
    1. Barberkev's Avatar
      Barberkev -
      nice trip! what is the daily crappie limit at green river lake? i ask because a good friends son will be playing football at campbellsville next season and we are thinking about making a weekend of football and fishing!!!
    1. NetMan75's Avatar
      NetMan75 -
      Nice fish for some super nice guys. Thanks for everything y'all do for our sport. Barberkev, daily limit is 30 each and a nine inch size limit.
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