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    Hello, I am a newby to but not to crappie fishing. I really like this website. I have a great hushpuppy recipe that I want to share. Ingredients are two eggs beaten,1/4 cup sugar,one small to medium onion chopped,one cup self rising yellow cornmeal, one cup self rising flour, one can 14.75oz of cream style corn. Mix it all together and drop it in the oil one spoonful at a time. Cook until golden brown. I like to take half the mix and add chopped jalapenos. I will post pics when I figure out how. I am still learning.....crappiehoarder

    I just used this photo as a stock photo so there would be something to show up on the home page. I thought it was cool. Must be looking for hushpuppy crumbs....Slab
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    1. revitup's Avatar
      revitup -
      sounds good
    1. RetiredRR's Avatar
      RetiredRR -
      Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing the hushpuppies...........
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Been useing that recipe for quite awhile now.....good stuff
    1. Idunno's Avatar
      Idunno -
      ...and easy!
    1. Bowbender's Avatar
      Bowbender -
      these are delicious, sometimes I just bake it like cornbread its good that way also,welcome to the site and thanks for sharing
    1. jordy1380's Avatar
      jordy1380 -
      Cool! Thanks!
    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      will try
    1. broharrell's Avatar
      broharrell -
      Will give it a try! Welcome!
    1. ronetone's Avatar
      ronetone -
      sounds tasty
    1. Shryn's Avatar
      Shryn -
      Gonna have to try that soon!
    1. Speckanator's Avatar
      Speckanator -
      I'll be trying that one
    1. catman's Avatar
      catman -
      that sounds delicious
    1. specktacklure's Avatar
      specktacklure -
      Quote Originally Posted by Speckanator View Post
      I'll be trying that one
      I hope you plan on sharing
    1. Bigdaddyii's Avatar
      Bigdaddyii -
      I will definitely have to give this recipe a go!
    1. DCottrell's Avatar
      DCottrell -
      love hushpuppies... I will gve this a try
    1. hookum's Avatar
      hookum -
      gonna try them tonight....and welcome to the site.
    1. kycreek's Avatar
      kycreek -
      Sounds good
    1. Strahm's Avatar
      Strahm -
      sounds good, cant wait to catch some fish to fry up with them.
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