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    On behalf of my family, I wanted to thank you for your contribution in making this one of the best Christmas's we've ever had. I presented my dad and my sisters with keepsake boxes I had made with the following message enclosed in each box, along with a 2013 calendar.

    The wood used to make this keepsake box is from the pine shelving boards used in the Tindel's Grocery Store.

    The store was built by our Grandfather, John Henry Tindel and our Great Grandfather, Samuel Edmund Norwood around 1932 and stayed in our family until the late 1960's.

    The entire family, kids, grandkids, and great grandkids were gathered around when my dad and mom opened the package.

    My dad pulled the calendar out first and I told him to turn to July. He had already started to open it as I was talking and for some reason July was the first page that came up.

    He immediately saw his photograph and was speechless. Neither my mom nor my dad knew anything about his picture from our October fishing trip being in the calendar.

    He was so proud he started showing to everyone. He continued to look through the gift bag and pulled out the keepsake box and my mom opened it and began to read the enclosed note.

    There wasn't a dry eye in the house. The Store was a special time in all our lives and keeping that memory alive as well as his photograph in the calendar made for one of the best Christmas's ever.

    Thanks for the calendars and helping to make this happen.

    Mike and Susan and our entire family
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    1. Jigging Tournaments's Avatar
      Jigging Tournaments -
      Very cool!
    1. Slab's Avatar
      Slab -
      What a wonderful thing to do Mike. Those boxes will forever be filed with memories.
    1. Ragfly Jig Man's Avatar
      Ragfly Jig Man -
      Great article Speckanator. Very inspiring true story my friend. I know your parents are very proud of you. GOD Bless.
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Great story and a nice thing to do.
    1. Lotech Joe's Avatar
      Lotech Joe -
      That's really a great story. Thanks for sharing.
    1. Frank Cecil's Avatar
      Frank Cecil -
      Great story and thank you for sharing with the photo's
    1. kycreek's Avatar
      kycreek -
      Good story & nice thoughts.
    1. skeetbum's Avatar
      skeetbum -
      The best Christmas gift I've ever heard of. Excellent way to keep family history alive. You, Sir, are truly the Man.
    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      great story
    1. TnT's Avatar
      TnT -
      Great article, Mike
    1. TJ Stallings's Avatar
      TJ Stallings -
      Cool. I grew up in a tackle shop that we closed after our dad's death in 1997. Every keepsake from the store are as important to me as my hands or feet. Way cool idea to repurpose those pine boards!
    1. specktacklure's Avatar
      specktacklure -
      Great story, very thoughtful.
    1. Talquin Maggie's Avatar
      Talquin Maggie -
      Absolutely loved the story! I am sure your family will treasure your time and thoughtfulness for many years to come.
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