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    To say the set up was not to my liking would be an understatement, not sure how anyone could even ketch a fish with such a combo . the rod tip been broke off and a tip clued on 1 inch from the second eyelet . 15 foot maybe of braid on the spool and the drag that was either full on and or totally absent , coupled with a super cheap bait caster rod and an EVEN cheaper open faced reel on it !
    So when I bent down to try and move a minnow bucket out of a hole I like to drop jigs into as my jig settled into the location I thunk might have a good one , a fish just HAMMERED my jig and the proverbial stinky hit the fan
    Now was it ugly you might ask , I would say so far past ugly it aint even funny ! Me and the fish went at it and due to the fact there was no room to get into a fight with a 16 inch agitated crappie on a short lead and TOTALLY dicey equipment , I opted for old school hand to hand combat mode , never mind being all serious angler like and get with the PUT THAT FISH IN YOUR HAND MISTER program .....
    This particular big ole fishee got reeled in hand over hand and the bestest part is the braid never did get a chance to cut me finger digits all up in the battle !
    I do in fact have a witness and it could get better , the plastic was gone when it hit the deck and the hook bent WAY out , the angel of ketchn mercy was upon my right shoulder though and in the end as it often occurs ....
    KABOOM was the word ya"ll
    p.s. even though I love to embellish a fishee story or 3 a lil bit , this is pretty much totally factual ....

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    1. DockShootinJack's Avatar
      DockShootinJack -
      An entertaining read as always
    1. BuckeyeCrappie's Avatar
      BuckeyeCrappie -
    1. Anchor Man's Avatar
      Anchor Man -
      Nice fish.
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      Barnacle Bill -
    1. SuperDave336's Avatar
      SuperDave336 -
      Awesome catch using hand to hand combat. KABOOM!
    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      the fish don't care if you have a 500 dollar rig up top all they care about is what's in front of them and if they are in the mood. WTG Outlaw you did it old school like we did when we were kids and broke but you Gotrdone and in your hand and that's all that matters.
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