• Cam and I, another installment.

    As life progresses, time becomes a hard commodity to find. My bestest fishin buddy told me it was time to go but we couldn’t stay long because she had to work later. I’ll take what I can get. In just after six and ran a little bit in the cool of the morning, I’ll never get tired of that. It wasn’t long after we stopped that we started getting bit. While slow starting it never stopped and we caught good numbers for the whole trip. Slow fall rate was the ticket and it took a while but the Bobby Garlands finally slowed down. Go home……..NAAAAAAH!! Downsized and kept getting bit! Going through the numbers of fish I hoped to find a few good ones, and I wasn’t disappointed. Cam hooked up on one of the bigger two of the day, each weighed a pound and three quarters, and it was fun to watch wondering who would come out on top. We had four rods in the boat with two pound line on each one. It makes casting light jigs so much easier. No clouds today unlike last weeks foggy start so we enjoyed the sun and off came the sweatshirts. The fish got smaller but the numbers kept up but we were low on time and we had fish to deliver. Off we went with thirteen solid keepers in the box and more good memories for the both of us. Hope y’all do well tomorrow at the Slabfest, I’ve had to back out. These four fish Cam is holding we’re just over five and a half pounds. Hope to see y’all soon, holler if you see me. Til then………. Skeet

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    1. Special K's Avatar
      Special K -
      Awesome family time. Thanks for having us along.
    1. Barnacle Bill's Avatar
      Barnacle Bill -
      Good report. Thanks
    1. DockShootinJack's Avatar
      DockShootinJack -
      Can't beat spending quality time outdoors
    1. BuckeyeCrappie's Avatar
      BuckeyeCrappie -
      Great time together!
    1. Anchor Man's Avatar
      Anchor Man -
      Anyways nice to see folks spending quality time together. Glad you got into some quality fish.
    1. Ketchn's Avatar
      Ketchn -
      good times for sure , congrats
    1. njones's Avatar
      njones -
      Well done!
    1. Speck Detector's Avatar
      Speck Detector -
      She's going to reck a young man someday, out fishing him all the time & it's all going to be your fault Skeet...lol...another good memory in the bank...
    1. SuperDave336's Avatar
      SuperDave336 -
      Good memories and nice catching. Time well spent.
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