• Kinda Foggy

    To start the day. I didn’t want to go far or stay very long, had plans of being home by 10. And I was, mark that on the calendar cuz I never make it home on time when I go fishin. Put in at Volusia County park and messed around close by, but the fish weren’t cooperating. I caught one near a structure that hit with a good solid thump. I used my light gear today so anything was gonna fight good. Took a pic and he went back in the pool.

    So being in the Jon and the wind being non existent I headed out into the near part of the fish grounds I like to see what I could find. As I got out there I was kinda concerned about the density of the fog but as I got out some more I could dimly see the far shore so I knew it wasn’t long before it burned off. Took my two 6’6” rods and cast em about 30’ or so and poked the handles into the sides of my 6 gallon milk crate/tackle box and started moving around a little. I picked up my 6’6” lightning rod with one of JungleJimJigs spinnerbaits and promptly got connected to a small striper. Got him off and released and started talking with a couple of guys nearby. Turns out they were both retired Lockheed guys and the boat owner was from Tullahoma, TN. The town next to where I lived in TN. About the time I found this out I heard a little commotion from behind me. I turned around to see one of my rods I love so much heading for the back of the boat. Having come out of the tackle crate. I dropped the rod in my hand and literally dove for the other rod and was lucky enough to get it. Raised the tip and it stopped, good fish. No cooler on board so I asked the guys if they wanted it and they said sure, he was near 14”. I was trolling with a 1/43oz head and an inch and a quarter curl tail on that rod and a 1” Charlie brewer on the other. I didn’t expect to do much using the tiny jigs but things were looking pretty good. Not long before the rod bent again but not quite as big at just under 13”. I didn’t move more than 100 yards from where I started at any time until I left. Got one more on the Charlie brewer before I looked at the time and had to go. The guys got the other two also, they stay down neat Kissimmee and were dragging minnows and floats. They’d never seen anyone pulling jigs and we generally visited the whole time I was there, great pair of guys. I think they’ll be trying it soon. So I did what any of us would do that almost lost a rod, I went home and put a couple of mounting plates for my Hi-Teks on the Jon boat. Thanks for coming along, and I hope to see you out soon. Raise a hand and say hello. Until then……..Skeet.
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    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Good report
    1. Barnacle Bill's Avatar
      Barnacle Bill -
      Thanks for the report. I've had to dive for a few over the years.
    1. BuckeyeCrappie's Avatar
      BuckeyeCrappie -
      Good report, thanks for sharing
    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      Nice day and quick trip. Always nice to get out and wet a line no matter what and uneverknow. good results for sure on small jigs. GFY and you got into some good conversations with your fishing neighbors, something I do all the time and enjoy.
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