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    Schedules are our enemy and time always hard to find, so when I saw good conditions in the forecast, we spoke and agreed it was time to go to the salt. We got left out about 5 with all the needed items in tow. We didnít plan on staying too late, maybe noon if the fish cooperated. Well, they did. This was the view when we got to the ramp.

    Off we went in search of larger prey than our normal targets. Mullet were literally everywhere and occasionally you would hear a definite eat. We threw a few different baits at them to no avail and we moved on to plan b. That didnít work either though we did get to see some dolphins working the school of bait. Pretty cool to watch. We were just happy to be enjoying the peace and quiet and the stunning sunrise. I was hoping that the overcast would hold up and that, among with several other prayers of the day, was granted to us. On to an area Iíd caught some fish in the past. Normally the gnats are horrendous and Iíve been a meal more than once. Last night, Jessie and I went to BPSin Daytona and she got some smart clothes for the task at hand. Iím pleased to report they worked as prescribed and our punishment was minimal. She looked much better than I did.

    So we get to the new area and Iíve got 6 rods all rigged different . Jessie threw a jig and I grabbed a Yo-Zuri finger mullet hard bait. We hadnít made very many casts and mine got hit an instant after landing. After setting the hook I handed it off to Jessie and we were on the board with her first Redfish in 18 years.

    His nose and tail werenít far enough apart so he went back in the pool. Along the way she got into a small trout and a lady fish that did a boatside release, then I made a cast and it came tight as soon as the splash subsided. Good fish, couldnít do much with him and he had his way with the drag that wasnít set light. We couldnít get a look at him though he was coming our way and Jessie grabbed the net. Large enough and flat and brown, we had our first Flounder on ice.

    Under 20Ē he was looking like the start of a good dinner. We worked that shorelines with the help of the wind so stealth wasnít perfect but it worked good for us. We watched fish waking along the shoreline, saw mullet become a meal, and Jessie swung for the fences and got up in just a few inches of water. A few turns into it, she started hootin. I reeled in my cast to watch the show cuz whatever it was she had on was in complete control. Keep in mind, she was using the lightest rod in the boat. Itís an Abu Garcia Conolon graphite rod that is at least as old as she is. And what fun it was. I coached her and we kept it away from our motors and out from under the boat, but two minutes in we hadnít seen it yet. I was hoping for a big red but no copper flash so far. Sheíd had enough and put a little more heat on him and we finally got a look at a good sized black drum, and he still had his stripes! Iím told theyíre good to eat until they get big and loose their stripes.

    I told her that they were good groceries but she said no, he had been drumming while in the boat and she said that theyíd talked and he was going back. Her fish, good enough. We caught a few more and the conditions were just as good as we could have asked for. Got down to what I had in mind as the end of our run and she was hootin again. This one was thrashing around some but no lightweight. Turned out to be a 21Ē trout, and she couldnít believe the fangs it was sporting. We finished the day with 2 Redfish, 2 Seatrout, I black drum, 1 Ladyfish, and 3 nice flounder between 16 and just under 20Ē. Now about 11 the area we had to ourselves got crowded and we chose to go. Motored back and she had said something about driftwood so we went looking on the spoil islands near the ramp. We found some she took home and a horseshoe crab shell to go with it. Pointed west by noon, another great day in the books and flounder for dinner in the future. Thanks for coming along, this dad is tired but heís wearing another big smile. She caught the most fish and had the most fun. Hope to see you out soon, give a whistle and wave hello. Til thenÖ. Skeet

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      Barnacle Bill -
      Great post! Thank you
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      "G" -
      Good report....the last picture sure looks good
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      6poundtest -
      Great trip!
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      Retired2Fish -
      Good times. Thanks for the report and pics.
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