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  • More pics from Best trip ever at Lake Washington – part 3

    So, as the story continues I'm attending a writers camp, fishing on one of the best crappie fishing lakes in Mississippi with some of the best fishermen anywhere. It's not like they're jumping in the boat but we're still catching some good fish.

    Brad Chappell with a nice one. We spider rigged using live sonar (Livescope). We pretty much fished as described in "Part one best trip ever". But another thing is that when Brad would see a fish on the live sonar he would often pick up one of the rods and move it to in front of where the fish was heading. Kinda a good technique to keep that bait in the strike zone.

    Here's a pic of Big Mike coordinating the events of the day in front of Bait N Thangs.

    If you're ever in the neighborhood, do not forget to stop in and say hi. Mike is a great guy, and a movie star too. When you're there ask him about that, and also pick up some pork rinds. I'm telling you this stuff is awesome. I got the barbecue variant, and thought they were the best I've ever had. Fresh and great taste. I could not keep the puppies off my lap. It reminded me of back in the day when they used to tie a porkchop around my neck so the dog would play with me, this stuff was so good the dogs would even play with me.

    So cool, the fishing was good, but where I'm going with todays story is “the food”. Like I said, try the Hamilton's Hog Hides Pork Rinds, but better yep, go check out 1 South Bar & Grill in Greenville, MS. Check out these foodie pics.

    The food was so good Mitches head almost exploded!

    Ken shared his frog legs, which were good, tasted like chicken!

    Mike even shared his crawfish. Good stuff.

    And we had entertainment too. Prior to eating we stood to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and sang the Star Spangled Banner, and we also said a prayer. Don't think they do this all the time for everyone's meals, but it was very refreshing to do for our event for sure. The place is cool, by all means, if'n you're in the neighborhood, check them out.
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      Looks like a fine get together and VERY nice to see that last picture.
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      Looks like a great bunch of people and some fine looking food.
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      Looks like pure ole southern hospitality !
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