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    Lots of tough news lately thought a small celebration of Life would not hurt.

    We celebrated 28 years together today. She does not care how many jig poles, plastic baits, electronics, even "Outboard Motors", etc I drag home if it means I have a better time Crappie fishing. Respect to all with losses but it's a fine day for us. I have never done anything for 28 years. Anyway I think y'all who read my posts know I cook a little. So what your seeing is Choice grade Fillet cooked on a TEC at 1100 degrees (same equipment Ruth's Chris uses), fresh steamed Asparagus with homemade Cayenne - Meyer Lemon Holandaise, A potato recipe from Emeril - his Over Stuffed Potatoes which are a twice baked, bacon - cheddar - sour cream - chives - butter - potato mixture, spooned back in, covered with more cheddar and baked again. Lemon Crab-boiled Shrimp Salad. Beef Tenderloin Red Wine Reduction Sauce made with onions & garlic that was boiled with the shrimp, fresh shallots, thyme, beef stock, & Red Wine (Pino Noir). Washed down with a spectacular Red - Belle Glos Pino Noir. The character of Crappie does not allow us to work it due to the delicate nature of the fish. Sometimes I have to cook something Hearty. I hope you find it interesting.

    5 #'s Head on Shrimp
    5 gallon pot a little over 1/2 full of water
    2 cups Zatarains Pro Boil
    1/2 cup Zatarains Liquid boil
    4 Eureka Lemons halved and squeezed into water (flavors but also acid makes shrimp peel much better)
    2 large heads of garlic, 1 cut in half crossways, one whole (to eat with shrimp)
    2 large yellow onions cut in half
    large bag button mushrooms
    1 bag small "boiling" new potatoes

    Bring water to boil with seasonings only. Low boil lid on for 1/2 hour to trigger seasonings to go off.
    Add shrimp and bring to boil for 1 min, turn off heat and hot soak 5 min, add ice to water for cool down 5 min.
    remove shrimp and garlic, bring water back to boil, add potatoes and boil 10 min, while still boiling add
    mushrooms, hot dogs, ear corn, or other fast boil items and cook till done. usually less than 10 min.
    BTW, PITA to do it this way but shrimp fat seasons other boil items this way.
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      Barnacle Bill -
      All looks good except for 1. I hate Asparagus
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