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  • Four fish day....and no mermaids

    Got three days off so went fishing this morning. A little foggy but not the freezing cold with brisk winds we have been enjoying.

    I started long line trolling four rods with jigs. Two with spinner blades and two without. Hooked a huge crappie......what do you think about this one ?

    Later I managed two medium/small crappie and put them to swimming in the fishtank thingie. Then I motored over to the weeds and chummed for golden shiners to go after bass, but only managed one of these things. Stiiiinnnnnnkkkkk.

    Then I decided to spider around some and got two more medium/small crappie. All released at boat ramp.

    Gorgeous day and I got the sun screen lecture when she came home from having worked the whole day. HAH

    Learning something every time I go. I like being able to adapt and switch tactics. Tomorrow I plan to also ease over into the grass and dip jigs into holes using a 16 foot cane pole and see how that goes for me. I saw fish out in the middle of the lake but non were biting. Tried to ignore the fish finder and focus on working with my gear. Starting to settle in some with managing the rods. I think I am ready to start using two jigs on each rod. My mono line is wrapping up around the ends of the rods. Not sure why that is but itís an issue at this point.

    I got sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast today.....mmmmmmm. Tomorrow I guess I better get something else. She was asking about the boat smelling like fish. Wanted me to clean it.


    Ia been listening to crappie seminars while I float about like a water skimmer. Picking up tips and getting answers to questions, like why rod tips should be set to about six inches off the waterís surface. Who knew ?

    I must say that I thought I had a state record when that cat hit. He looked like he hid down in the grassy bottom and ambushed stuff. Might try eating one.
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    1. Barnacle Bill's Avatar
      Barnacle Bill -
      No Mermaids??? Bummer!
    1. Redge's Avatar
      Redge -
      Cool pics, especially the one reflecting in the water.

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