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  • Stick Marsh ! !

    Me and Speck Detector left my house this morning at 6am headed for the infamous Stick Marsh
    to see if we could land a few of those monster Specks they say reside in that place ......

    Is quite a drive down there (just northwest of Fellsmere) ... We got there, put in and immediately
    started feeling the magic of the place. Just being there, seeing the place, makes goose bumps go
    up and down your spine .... You just "Know" you're going to do good ! ! ! !

    And ..... it was a slow day = one here, then awhile later, one there, BUT .... The size of these fish are
    amazing ! ! ! and, about every one we caught was a big one, only had three 10 inchers and a couple minner sized,
    the rest were over 11-12 inches and several 14 inchers, but = they were all heavy weight fish = broad shoulders and fat ....
    However ... we only managed 24 fish, but 24 azz kickin fish .........

    Didn't get back to my house till 5:30pm and Jeff left his half with me to put in the slabfest bank for next slabfest whenever
    we have another (we always have one at the end of the season etc) .....
    What's sweet about it is that the season is just getting started, should be some great fishing for the next few months.

    Too late for pics = will post some in the morning .....

    Jeff sent pics:

    Here's a couple finishin-up pics ......
    Total weight of fillets in zip-lock baggies and freezer paper = 8.48lbs ....
    (the numbers in circles are the number of fillets within each pkg) .

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      Good job
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      Thanks for the pictures
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