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    I called Slimjim Friday night to see if he could get a kitchen pass. He must have been extra good this week cuz it didnít take but a minute and we were making plans. He was at the house about 7 and we headed down the street to find the ramp surprisingly cooperative for a holiday weekend. Dropped in and eased out to find the wind light, temps very good and the overcast just right. We had both been staying within our comfort zone for a couple of months and after talking a bit, decided to try a different area. Iíve done well in this area in past seasons but just didnít know if it was time yet. Turns out we hit it just right. Itís close enough to common areas that folks donít pay attention and just far enough to be relaxing and by ourselves.

    First fish of the day were some small stripers that had us practicing our untangling skills. Not long and I had our first crappie over the side. Good fish but we werenít keeping fish this day, no room in either freezer. Swung closer to shore another 100 yards and no activity so turned back out towards the middle and then turned north. After that, I didnít touch the TM for almost two hours. First singles, then a double or two in between singles, then occasional flurries. We couldnít believe how many good, solid fish we were getting. Very few shorts visited today, maybe 20% but I donít think it was that many. I started seeing some tracks on the GPS from my old haunts and spun around. We talked about whether or not running against the wind would be better or worse than running with the wind as we had been for a couple of hours. It made no difference. After the turn we crossed a weedline and didnít do much for about 10 minutes. Then we were right back into it. And so it went til we got back around our starting point, one good fish after another. Things slowed down and remember, I face backwards when I troll and stay in touch with my gps thatís turned to face me. I said something about we might be done and Jim saidĒ oh no, I found the fishĒ. And turning around, I was sure he had. There was a cluster of 15 boats in a pretty tight area, and I knew they werenít just hangin out. We struck a line kinda through the middle of them all and we were right back into em again. After that pass we spun around for another try but the fish had slowed, the boats dispersed and started going home, and it was near noon and time to go.

    Without stretching the truth, we boated 40 or more quality fish that needed no measure and had fat backs. Several today were a pound and a half and we were constantly calling for the net from each other. With the shorts and LDRís Iím sure the count was over 50. We laughed at ourselves saying that we saved each other 2 hours of cleaning fish. So many of these would have given some NICE fillets. Small purple body with a glitter chartreuse tail was the best for us, the tight wobble of the smaller body might have been part of its attraction.

    So back on the trailer, discussing or blessings of the day and recent past, we headed to the house. A very productive, relaxing day in good company, and some of Paulas legendary muffins also having been shared. I canít think of any way it could have been better. Might be there tomorrow with Bluegillgirl and guppy to put a smile on their face, I think it would be great to see a 5 year old wrestle some stud fish. Hope yíall get a chance to find some like we did today, and I hope Iím there to say hello when you do. Until then, stay healthy and please protect yourselves. This thing weíre dealing with is no joke. Til then...... Skeet

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    1. Barnacle Bill's Avatar
      Barnacle Bill -
      Great report. I'd throw some stuff out of my freezer just to make room for some fresh crappie. Just saying.
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Good job Tim
    1. gravelman6's Avatar
      gravelman6 -
      Good morning of fishing
    1. Ketchn's Avatar
      Ketchn -
      looks like good fun and them fish are pretty , congrats
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