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  • Slow bite today

    After finishing up my "have to do" list this morning, I headed off to try to hook a few fish on a chilly fall day. Clouds were clearing slowly, air temp was 47 when I pushed off the beach at 1pm with water temperature 57-58 degrees. I snapped a few foliage pics of the hillsides with the oaks beginning to really turn. This first one is in my front yard; funny how the tree to the right is still green and it's 30' away.

    The pictures can't really capture the range and depth of colors the oaks display around here. While the maples, birch's, ash, etc. provide the brightest colors and biggest neon splash's of color, the oaks are unmatched for deep, rich earth tones. Could do a whole post just of foliage but here's just a few from my trip today.

    I launched in to basically a northern wind and it pestered me all afternoon, switching around from NNE to NNW; not very strong but enough to keep me from sitting on top of the schools I found so I could work them jigging. Started out trolling slow as usual, took about 30 minutes to land this 1st one of about 10" or so; he got both of the other lines and I had to cut off and retie one due to being knotted around the others. One of the joys of multiple lines out, I guess; I don't know how you spider-riggers avoid disaster with all the lines you guys run.

    After a long dry spell, I headed out to the middle of the basin to try Walt and Rich's technique of drifting with the wind. Actually worked pretty well for a while. I threaded on various plastics on 1/8 oz. heads and tried to keep my baits about 3-4' off the bottom as that's where I could see them, hugging tight to bottom in 22-25' of water. I hooked and landed bluegill, perch and crappie like these from this deep water. The bluegill were of average size for this water, hardly any color to them at all. This perch was a nice one, nearly 12".

    The good bite was short lived however. I pulled off at 4:15 after an hour long dry spell even though I was drifting over lots of marks; switched baits trying to find something to interest them but no takers so I called it a day. Total for the day would be 2 perch, 3 bluegill and 4 crappie. While not a big haul, it was an interesting and educational trip just the same.
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    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Good report and nice pics....thanks for sharing
    1. Fishin' Fool MA's Avatar
      Fishin' Fool MA -
      Glad to see you still out. Good that you tried and proved our method out. Keep at it till the weather goes bad.
    1. Barnacle Bill's Avatar
      Barnacle Bill -
      Good report and thanks.
    1. skeetbum's Avatar
      skeetbum -
      Wonderful colors, thanks for those pics. Makes me homesick for my TN home I moved here from. Glad to see that you found some fish before the water gets hard.
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