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  • Went lookin for a 6pack

    And found just that. Some of these are a repeat performance as they were found during BlueGillgirls and Guppyís recent visit. I went back to the scene of the crime today. Just knowing where they were and the quality of the fish have been on my mind to the point of distraction since that trip weeks back. I made a trip to the coast yesterday that was barely worth mention, no fish to the boat. Didnít stay long either. When it doesnít work I put it in gear. Worked around the house the rest of yesterday but never disconnected the boat. I knew I was going somewhere today, just hadnít quite decided yet. I know where some crappie are, and know where I can dodge traffic, and I know where Iíve had a good day In past trips. Just had to decide. The work week made the choice for me. Slept til 8 which is sleeping waaaaay in when youíre used to getting up at 5 every day. Feeling like a new man, literally, I figured on having some bluegill fillets over yellow rice for dinner, and I headed out. Now we used worms when I went with the girls to guarantee a bite for guppy but it turned out they wouldnít have been needed.

    Pulled up and grabbed the lightning rod with 2lbnanofil and an itty bitty slab slayer. I wAs going to find out if these fish would play. Didnít take long. First cast the line came tight within seconds and it was on. Tight quarters and a light drag made this quite a tussle. Got him around the weeds and he was headed for an ice bath. The second one was just a touch bigger and also gave a good accounting of himself. The third was of the same class and joined his friends pretty quick. All three had hit the ice within five minutes of the first cast. Now I had caused a bit of a commotion with all of this and things slowed down a bit. I grabbed the box of worms I had bought and grabbed the slip float rod. Pitched it out and to my surprise, it didnít go down almost instantly. It did , but it took a while. My goal was for 6 and it took about a half an hour or so to put 4 and 5 in the box with a couple of throwbacks along the way. One was a very pretty male red breasted sunfish. While he was close, he got a pass. Very slow after this, I decided to move a little. Pitched the slayer up under some nearby cover and it was on almost instantly. Hard pulling like all the others today I had a hard time getting him to come my way. So I had my six pack and felt blessed for being able to get what I came after. I pressed on and moved to another area close by and first cast was another hard take, but I never slowed this one down. He ran into some branches and my line parted about 15í from the leader. I saw it laying on the water, Was able to get to it before it disappeared. The fish was gone but I got my leader and jig and was able to be retie for another round. I took this as a message that had been given what I came for and didn't need to be greedy. Pulled up to a nearby dock, hollered if anyone wanted any worms, and a young man headed my way. A thank you was offered and I headed for the trailer. At the ramp was a couple putting in their 21í center console for the first time. Dad in the boat and Mom in the truck. Doing pretty good but getting out of shape backing in. I offered help, gladly accepted, and in just a few minutes they were off the trailer and ready to go. Put mine on and headed for the house, 5 minutes away. It was just 11:30. A 2 1/2hr trip.

    A bit of lunch, the heat now oppressive, I backed into the yard and disconnected. It all stayed like that for a few hours. Wife and I got hungry so I went and cleaned fish while she made some yellow rice and green beans. A short visit with some olive oil in the skillet, seasoned with old bays and garlic I was quickly a happy boy. A great dinner after a very good day. I can only hope your day has been something close to mine as itís been excellent. Hope to see you soon, and on the water where weíre all happiest. Til then, be careful and stay healthy.......Skeet

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      "G" -
      Just made me hungry
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      Barnacle Bill -
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      hdhntr -
      Great report and day on the water. better dinner for you all!
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      Speck Detector -
      Nice to have an ole reliable, just down the road...
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      Nice catch good report thanks
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      skeetbum -
      Thanks everyone, it was a good trip and a great dinner.
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      I am having BG's for supper, thanks!
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