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    Some of the charter members of my fan club were in town this week. I had to work so Mom got to spend lots of time with them and they all had a grand old time. I made plans to take my number one Guppy and the Bluegillgirl out before it got hot. We plan, God laughs. My 8am scheduled leave time turned into more like 11. Did I mention its hot out? But worms in hand we set out, not planning on going very far. Plain jig and a float and some worms should be a winning ticket. We set up in my spot that I thought would hold enough to fit the bill, nada. Having to stay in the shade as best I could so guppy didnít get to hot with her vest on, the kid never said a word. Finally got out of current and near some pads and her float went south, fast. Got her in contact and gave her some coaching, but this was no baby bluegill. A good coppernose went around the neighborhood a couple of times before we got him to cooperate. Easy 8Ē fish could have been part of a good dinner. She asked if we could take it home and eat it for dinner, and was disappointed when I said that weíd let these go cuz I already had fish thawed for dinner. So we rewormed and pitched back in and didnít have to wait long, this one a bigger cousin of the last and they really had an attitude! We totaled 5 of these in short order with the last one being a little feller that got an early release as we pulled out. Twice while we were trying our best we had a deputy boat cruise by slow like and while they didnít inspect us, I could Feel us and the boat getting looked over. Iíd been looking forward to this all week and had a ball, and guppy is becoming a good hand in the boat. Sheís growing up fast and is quick to pick up what you show her. Home a little later I found out that her shirt was wet from where she had been sweating in the vest. She never said a word, must have wanted to catch those fish more than we thought she did. Early or donít go next time. Got a nap and cooked fish and hushpuppies later and that kid ironed out a big plate and got some seconds. Her likes some fish! Itís been a great visit but they had to head back this morning, both mom and I commented on the quiet house. Hope to see em again soon. Thanks for going along with us, it was a fun but short trip. Maybe Iíll see you out there soon, til then..... Skeet

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    1. 6poundtest's Avatar
      6poundtest -
      Great write up, thanks!
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      "G" -
      Good read
    1. Slab's Avatar
      Slab -
      Jess is a wonderful daughter as Tim is a wonderful father. Fishing makes everyone better.
    1. Jwater's Avatar
      Jwater -
      Great story and good times indeed, thanks for sharing!!!
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      Barnacle Bill -
      Thanks for a good post
    1. skeetbum's Avatar
      skeetbum -
      Thems my baby girls!! Thanks boss.
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      Slab -
      Quote Originally Posted by skeetbum View Post
      Thems my baby girls!! Thanks boss.
      Thanks go to you and your daughter for your participation here. We love these kind of stories.
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      Speck Detector -
      Good Times!
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