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  • Pre-Full Moon Success

    The June Full Moon this year is fast approaching, and with the crazy Spring we are having, it is shaping up to be as good as the May Full Moon was in my neck of the woods. Snow....yes Snow was on the Mountain tops in May, and since Gills do not read calendars, I think they were as confused as Mother Natureís other constituents. Anyway, as the old Cheese Orb is filling, I went back to known bedding areas in search of the Cricket Crunchers, and they were home yet again preparing for the perpetuation of the species.
    ?Size was good early, no wind yet. The Finetail with the Sunline Braid was called to action, and it was mega-fun with the hard pulling quarry on the other end.
    A 9 inch Gill in public waters, Iíll take those all day long. Two fish break offs hurt my feelings, one was Mr Small jaws who acted like he just won the Gold Medal in high jump and high dive.
    The Lemon Meringue TM with a Crappie Nibble in the clearer calm water was the ticket. They liked it. The jig head is from Decoy, 1g with a #8 hook and a keeper. I brought along the newest hen in henhouse for some more seat time....the 6.10 ABU Garcia Eradicator Finesse. With 10 Torzite Guides (4 different sizes) (Corto has 8, not Torzite) and all kinds of fancy words describing the blank and materials, it is becoming my favorite stick to swat at these beautiful fish.
    The rod handle is a little different than what I am accustomed to, but cleaning is a breeze. No fish slime on the foam or cork, advantage ABU. The Daiwa Presso seems right at home on this rod, and this pink braid is the Daiwa Brand, again, funny name with Silicone no Hibikki? Softer than the 6.10 Corto, the rod leans towards the Mebaru category. Comparison notes, you do get some great feedback from the Corto, stiffer middle section and bite detection is felt through the middle section as a jolt almost, at least with Braid. The ABU bite detection is softer, not muted, but when setting the hook it just feels smoother. Maybe the extra guides or the blank exposed handle.... it is just different, almost like the fish hook themselves. Back to the fishing, as the wind got up I switched to a Grasshopper colored TM with the Daiwa Gekajibin 1g hook due to the muddied stirred up waters.
    Another 9in came to hand, he got a pass as I had already filled my quota of the day.
    20 came home, 30+ stayed at the lake to take care of future business. A tape measure and a clicker keeps it real.
    These will go to the freezer for future meals. Panfish are great on the plate.

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      Barnacle Bill -
      What time do we eat?
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      "G" -
      I am hungry now
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      Speck Detector -
      Looks like a fun outing, need to find that accessory to hold the lure in storage, have issues w/tandem jigs on smaller rods to keep both ends taut....
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