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    Started my day by going to shoot some clays with Marion, something we both really enjoy. The overcast of the day made it easier on our eyes. Last time out, we shot in the afternoon and a few of the targets were staged with us facing west. We just couldnít shoot those. Done with that by about noon, I went home and let my girls out, pulled out the already connected boat and closed up and was fishing by a little after one.

    My main objective was to find some bluegill or shellcracker beds. I found a few but couldnít just run through fishy looking stuff. Things were slow but I did get a few. I also found a technique used last year has come back around so Iíll have something to do next time out. When I found this out, someone else showed up. Always good to see them close up but some of the stories Iíve heard about these in this neighborhood. Dangerous is the only word I can think of. They have already sent a couple of folks for stitches, so I never turned my back.

    It seems theyíve been feeding them for a time and now they just take what they want. The one story I heard was that an older gent on a blood thinner regimen held up a fish to show someone and one of these took it out of his hands, nicking him with a talon in the process. Had to drop everything and go get put back together. Heard about this for a while, now thereís no doubt in my mind that these stories are true.

    When he first showed up he didnít try to hide or be stealthy, just perched on a branch and focused on where I was fishing. Got a small gill and took the hook out, raised it up and he dropped off the branch and came straight at me. I threw the fish back in the nearby weeds where he landed as if to find the fish. A while later I caught another fish, a small crappie that splashed around. Here he came again. But before he got to it I pulled it sideways a good ways and he pulled off. Got the fish into the boat, kept it out of sight, and threw it back in an airborne way. He dropped off the branch and came for the fish again, but it hit the water and swam off. I moved down the way and he followed, always close by. He wouldnít have pulled off and left as long as I was catching fish so I packed up and headed home.

    This is one of the down sides of fooling with Mother Nature. This was trained behavior. Dont know for sure how it started and donít know how or if it will ever end. I had a good time today and never thought it would end this way. Should you fish in the blue springs area, be aware of whatís going on around you and please, donít hold up any fish. Hoping to see yíall out enjoying one day soon, til then...... Skeet.

    These guys were out in number today too, and this guy was way smaller than the one, biggest, River Cooter turtle Iíve ever seen that was on a log today. Large tilapia were also everywhere, a bow hunter would have had a real good time.
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    1. Barnacle Bill's Avatar
      Barnacle Bill -
      Good post!
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Good pictures
    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      communing with nature the side benefit of fishing! Looks like an interesting if challenging day skeet. be safe from Identified flying objects IFO's.
    1. ET Fish's Avatar
      ET Fish -
      That’s wild! I never would have even thought about that!
    1. flintcreek's Avatar
      flintcreek -
      Thanks for sharing, good pictures.
    1. Ketchn's Avatar
      Ketchn -
      had one attempt a little chicken theft just the other day myself right at dark ….darn predator types ….I tell ya I like my eggs more than he likes chicken I promise ….best watch his federally protected bird rear end is my thoughts …..
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