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    Would be terminology that might be applicable . But then again one might just consider it predatory instinct . Some might suggest its a matter of young and not so educated . Others might suggest the time of year and the level of hostility in a high hormone situation .
    The one thing that's certain about this scenario is even of you have had a recent minnow meal and its was a horrifying experience ,you might still be a sucker for Slab Sauce on an artificial lure shortly thereafter
    KABOOM is the word

    it was throat hooked by one of the more responsible live bait people and the line was cut at the mouth .
    it obviously didn't get the program about watch out for things with hooks
    my bud was like you want the pliers to take that hook out ?
    I was like NO sir , this fish might survive if we just put it back and if we do surgery I doubt it will make it .
    I think I could see the minnows tail but I didn't handle it or examine it for long as I imagine it was pretty stressed out by all the air borne excursions and didn't want to see it floating by later .
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      Crestliner08 -
      Neat stuff.
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      "G" -
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      Redge -
      Nice! Slow learner and didnít get with the program!
      Good thing you werenít hungry! LOL

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      ET Fish -
    1. Barnacle Bill's Avatar
      Barnacle Bill -
      What ET said.
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      hdhntr -
      shows how a fish will still react to a bait even with a hook and bad experience probably not long ago. good pics and story outlaw!
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      gonz -
      Thanks Ketchn for the post
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      emptycooler -
      Both, the KY Sport Fishing Guide and the Tenn Fishing Regulations Guide, state that you should cut the line and release the fish, if deeply hooked (and isn't of legal size, or is legal size but unwanted). I always cut the line at the hook as that it what I was taught. Does this work on crappie? YouTube
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