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    When I moved hear to Missouri Back in Jan 2018 I took about two months getting settled in. In March I started my quest for some Crappie. I had been watching some video's of this fellow fishing the James River and Lake Springfield in a Belly Boat, and seeings how where he was fishing was just across town I figured if he could catch them, well why can't I. Well that just wasn't the case at all. I mean I tried everything he had been using, even got some live minnows, but still no luck. I mean not even a Nibble.

    Well that's when I decided to try the Sauce. Of coarse it was the regular scent version, as I don't think the "G" sauce was released yet. Well the first time out I started catching some fish. There is a place right below the spill-over dam at lake Springfield that the fish bottle neck up at at certain times of the year. I fish from an area that's about 20' above the water and can see better. Well I was there and doing a pretty good job of catching a few regularly when they just shut off, like someone turned off the spigot.

    Now there is some pretty good snags below the dam and I try not to snag all the time, so I use a float and try to keep it about 6-8' down. Well when the water is flowing over the dam you do a bit of chucking and winding. When the fish shut down, it wasn't log till I found out why. On several casts A big ole' toothy critter followed the exact path my jig had when reeled in. At the time I was dippin' my jig in the sauce about every 6 casts to make sure it was sauced up real good. Now that danged ole' gar was a following the scent trail of my jig, as when he /she would appear I had my jig cranked up to the rod and getting ready to cast again...

    I started using Slab Sauce right then on a regular bases, And while I don't always catch fish for one reason or other, I am catching them on a more regular bases. There is only one reason you wont catch fish when using Slab Sauce that I have found, and that is "There ain't NO fish where you trying to catch them", as Slab sauce works on all species of fish that are in the water I fish, with the exception of Carp...Thank you Slab For a great product, and to everyone who was selected to test it out. IT IS GREAT!!!

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      Slab Sauce Rocks
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      Slab Sauce gets it done!
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      SlabSauce, preferred by crappie everywhere.
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