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    I know, most of you would say something like” not if I don’t have to”. When my chores are caught up, mostly, and the sour weather predictions lost some of the sour, and time to fish is kinda limited anyway, I put on the suit and make good use of the little time I get. Today was one of those days. So about two o’clock, after taking my Queen to lunch(uh huh), I came home and grabbed four UL rods and 3 little boxes of the UL essential terminal stuff and headed for the ramp close to the house. Yes, I checked to see that the rain gear was in the boat. Put in next to one other trailer at the ramp, so I wasn’t the only crazy person that just had to go. Didn’t go far by design, and as it worked out, didn’t have to.

    Started out stingy like last time here but my expectations weren’t high anyway. Hung up, got it free, hung up again, got it free, no fish, move on a little. Worked afine spot that gave up some beautiful redbreast last year with little success. Active word being little. Caught what I believe to be the smallest redbreast male I’ve ever caught. Full colors, tab on the gill plate, attitude like no tomorrow, all in a 3” fish! I openly laughed at this little guy. A smile and a wish that he got as big as his attitude and I returned him to his neighborhood. That general area didn’t offer much more fish. As I said earlier, other occupants were few but I was far from alone. Easing down the bank I came upon a good sized manatee bellied up to the buffet. I dug furiously under the rain gear, got the phone out, got it turned to camera mode and zoomed in to find that I had gotten too close and he had said goodbye with a flip of the tail. OK, I tried. Lots of birds were out. Blue Heron, little Blue Heron, Limpkin, kingfisher, many ducks, and a Hawk that I have yet to identify but he is in the same area every time I’ve gone there. Heard lots of activity, which was a surprise to me due to the wind, which was stiff at times. Sometimes we get out and realize just how good a day it was, and today was one of those for me. When the wind laid down some between showers, the silence was noticeable. Boat control wasn’t a real issue with the help of the auto pilot. Really could have used an anchor button. I got that comfortable, relaxed feeling that I get on those really good days, and rain or not, was glad I had come.

    The fishing picked up when I went to a different area close by. A few gills showed up with some of them giving a good accounting of themselves. Two might have made the cut but it wasn’t about kept fish today. Moved along, still throwing the Itty Bitty swimmers, and another good gill showed and made a little noise from the drag. Now I was paying attention. So I fought the wind with my little baits and put them in most of the places I would if the conditions were calm, and it paid off. I felt an almost imperceptible tap on the rod, glad for the super line, and set the hook on the first crappie of the day. All 5” worth. But it was a start. While poking around and trying to stay where I wanted to be, I picked up a few more, and then got a more substantial thump. First keeper that didn’t need to be measured. Solid 11”. Not a giant but good fun on 2lb test. Eased through the other stuff close by and found a few more gills and 3 more crappie that would have measured easily. Hung up, broke off, picked up another rod, got hung again, and after getting it free with much difficulty, decided to call it a day. Water sloshing back and forth on the floor, it had rained more than I had noticed. Looked at the clock and it was just 5 o’clock. Good trip for 3 hours time. 10 crappie had come to visit, 1 LMB, and several varieties of gills. All thing’s considered it was a very good trip with NO ONE AROUND!! That doesn’t happen often on this river in any conditions. Temps when I left out was 72* and 68 when I put it back on the trailer. I learned that I need new rain gear, mine is kinda tired. Don’t know what the holidays will do to my fishing time but I got a good jump on it today. Hope that y’all have the best Christmas ever with all the family gathered around. Hope to see y’all sometime soon, maybe on the water. Until then.........Skeet

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      Good read Tim
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      Nice read my friend
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      Good post.
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      Thanks guys
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      Enjoyed reading sound like a fun afternoon
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      Great read, thanks