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  • Sadly it was my last ever crappie trip yesterday

    On my visit the state park day pass this year that is
    Yes its sad ,because next visit I got to renew it at around 70 bucks .
    It expires end of November 2019 .
    But hey by golly I found out COE passes for lifetime start at age 62 and cost the same as a yearly pass if I remember right .
    Anyway on with a fish tale I say , Nothing of great importance took place for the most part .
    Numbers have been down but average size is pretty good . I did make a mistake on a really large crappie at around 15 inches or better long and tried to give it a swing up on the dock . Now mind you I was going to beach it and headed that way and said I got this
    MISTAKE .pulled the hook as soon as it got about half out
    funny how even when we know better sometimes we do stupid stuff anyway .
    I let it bother me a few minutes or so and said a few not so nice words to my lonesome self and then consoled myself by saying I was just going to let it go anyway ,so stop all the tears already sir
    I did hook several fish in the bottom lip though and cant get my mind around why or how . I am sure some livescope individual could explain it though as they see in real time and can probably see why it happens .
    I am of the opinion its the strike and have seen crappie in clear water many times when they strike a bait and they often do a kinda of roll action on the take .
    There was a want for a pink head black body and a white tail and to be sure the bites varied greatly from slacks to hard whacks and everything else in between .
    Tried a bunch of colors and the ONLY one that didn't get bit was a dark purple and blue with a dark head and dark tail on an OVERCAST day .
    go figure right ?
    mostly shot video for grins and don't have more than about 30 photos .
    so its a bit light on pictures day ...
    hope you have a nice holiday and stay tuned
    KABOOM is the word

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      Very nice
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      Congrats on some nice ones
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