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  • Greatest Show On Earth.

    Greatest Show On Earth.

    Well, it might not have been the greatest show on earth, but it certainly was the greatest “Crappie fishing” show on earth. And it really was. I loved it. And everyone I spoke with thought it was great. Wally did a bang up job. It was very professional. I can't wait till next year, especially since this was the very first one, and no-one knew what to expect. Heck, next years is gonna be twice as good, I guarantee.

    Here's a summary of what you missed.

    The Crappie Expo and Mr. Crappie Classic Invitational was held on October 4-6 2019, at the Hot Springs Arkansas Convention center. The tournament was fished on Lake Hamilton. This was the first event of this kind ever held, and it will not be the last.

    The event also hosted world’s largest crappie fish fry. It's estimate that 8,000 people received a free basket of fried crappie, french fries and hush puppies on Saturday and enjoyed a wonderful lunch. Wally did it right, workers filled the baskets for the lunch goers which kept fish hot, and the line moving pretty darn fast. I went maybe an hour after the line first opened, and was able to grab a basket in about 5 minutes. I was hungry and it did hit the spot, mmm good.

    Great sound, great big screens on each side of the stage...very impressive.

    They raffled off a boat each night of the three day event, including a $30,000 Ranger on Sunday. Look at that crowd size! WOW even had a booth, yay. Our booth was in the hallway, and kinda out of the main traffic pattern, but I got to tell you, I never stopped talking. From when the doors opened up Friday morning I spoke with members and non-members constantly. I want to thank "G" for coming with, I think he had fun too. I could not have done the event without him. Heck, I can't run the site without him, right! Anyway, I was very impressed with the entire event. The whole show was very professional. Wally and everyone that helped, really did a great job.

    The fishing tournament was on Lake Hamilton and included 100% payback, the winner received $40,000. It was a three day tournament started on Friday and ended Sunday.

    Tony Sheppard and Mike Sheppard won. Zeke Anderson and John Soukup took second. And in third were TC Lloyd and Chris Bushart. Congrats guys, Lake Hamilton is certainly a tough lake. I understand that these three teams were the only three that caught a limit each day.

    Cevans brought Billbob down all the way from Indiana. Creekslick had a booth there as well. It was great to see the guys and get their support.

    Billbob was off doing his usual schmoozing. At right is David Baynard (with Gina at left). David is a good friend and runs Driftmaster Rod holders.

    Here's the A-Team. See the light at the far right which Redge brought. That light has a remote to change all sorts of things on that light. It was way cool. We raffled it off. Thanks for all your support Redge. Support those that support us, see Reflective Edge for all your signage needs.

    "G" got to meet my writer buddy and good friend Ron Wong. Great guy, both them, and both Vietnam War Vets.

    Jam Ferguson with the TN record Black Crappie. It's over 4 pounds. Wow that was a nice fish, as was Jam. Great guy, congrats Jam.

    Got to catch up with John Godwin of Duck Dynasty fame. Another great guy. He makes me want to grow my beard out like his. Hmm, I may just do it. I'll see how long it takes for wifey to notice! lol

    And this guy needs no introduction. What a great event he put together. Like I said, I can't wait till next year. A bird told me there's a chance it might be held in Mississippi. I think a couple other states are being considered as well.

    They even had a big fish tank that I wanted to go fishing in so bad! lol

    And entertainment as well. Jason D Williams was awesome. This is not my video, cause the video I took did not do him justice. I thought I'd find something else on Youtube that showed you his real talent. He was good. I made the event so much more special.

    And I could not forget to give a shout out to some our sponsors and friends that were there at the event. Most of these pics I took before the show opened up. That was pretty much the only free time I had at the event, otherwise I was yapping to members and future members the whole time. Great event for sure.

    Mitch and Scherry, PICO in center. ScottV at left.

    Scott and Tina, Skippers Jigs.

    Jerry Mccready, Crappieholic.

    Wade Mansfield, Grizzly Jigs.

    And finally, here's a video Brad Wiegmann took. He just walked up, handed the camera to "G", and started in. And In my opinion, that's the best way to do these videos. No time to think, just go for it. "G" really had a steady hand as well.

    Great job Brad, and "G" too.

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    1. Barnacle Bill's Avatar
      Barnacle Bill -
      WOW!!! What a turn out.
    1. SuperDave336's Avatar
      SuperDave336 -
      Looks like a super good time. Hope it grows and gets better every year. Thanks for sharing.
    1. vbottom's Avatar
      vbottom -
      Wow! I foresee a road trip for some of us Michiganders next year.
    1. Slab's Avatar
      Slab -
      It was a good trip. 15 hour for me drive but well worth it.
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      It was a fun trip
    1. bee's Avatar
      bee -
      Thanks so much for sharing. Maybe next year. Where will it be held?
    1. SpeckledSlab's Avatar
      SpeckledSlab -
      Nice, very nice.
    1. cellis's Avatar
      cellis -
      Nice story and pics.
    1. Redge's Avatar
      Redge -
      Nice post!
      Wally knows how to do it right!

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    1. Crappie ciller's Avatar
      Crappie ciller -
      Congrats to the winners and to my son Zeke- crappiefool41- and to his partner, John Soucup, owner of The Bass Tank. Those guys are very new to crappie fishing and took 2nd in this event. For those who were there Zeke was the guy who danced on stage every day to Baby Shark.
    1. crp4570's Avatar
      crp4570 -
      congrats to the winners and a big thank you for a great post.
    1. up2specks's Avatar
      up2specks -
      Couple questions Ed, but 1st thanks for the post/share. In that auditorium shot- Was that Phantom Danny in the 18th row, right side, 4th from the left aisle, sittin' next to a hot blonde? Secondly, in the booth shots(Charley Brewer/Wally Marshall) are you maybe considering a Vanna White replacement role when she retires from Wheel of Fortune??!!

    1. Slab's Avatar
      Slab -
      Quote Originally Posted by bee View Post
      Thanks so much for sharing. Maybe next year. Where will it be held?
      Dono yet maybe mississippi.

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