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  • Arkie Sexee Shad testing

    I bought me a box of them there Arkie sexee shad in a I don't know the name color . Similar to something I have heard called bluegrass . I took said box of pretty baits to the water .
    I tried another bait first just to be fair that I really like . Managed a few with it ,but it was a bit slow and I thought there were more fish down there than bites . Then something said hey that Arkie might be the ticket , it could happen you know .
    So down it went into the drink and sure enough let the show begin . Now mind you its a "minnow" bite from what I read and hear and to be sure it aint a jigs only guy friendly atmosphere quite yet and the fish are some kinda really tricky to ketch on jigs. But none the less I had fun and it went pretty well for a late in the day romp .
    I used the "trap door" secret location on my bud Ed's dock and had a pretty fun time . We also hit the water for a little bit in the pontoon but to be sure we about got blown off it and it was about 3 times more difficult to ketch fish on the open water .
    All the fish were fairly deep on the dock and out on the lake as well at around 12 to 16 foot down give or take . I don't think I managed a crappie above 12 foot down and some were as deep as at least 16 out on the lake .
    Anyway the testing went quite well and to be sure its a great off the shelf plastic and not terribly pricey either . So the next time you hit the water keep them in mind , They most assuredly helped me ketch more than a handful that day
    and yes I changed hats for the boat ride ,,,,
    KABOOM is the word yawl

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    1. Crestliner08's Avatar
      Crestliner08 -
      Great job out there! Those are some awesome crappie too.
    1. SuperDave336's Avatar
      SuperDave336 -
      Awesome as always. Arkie does have some good baits. Thanks for sharing.
    1. vbottom's Avatar
      vbottom -
      Thanks for the info and pics to go with it.
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      As always.....KaBoom
    1. crp4570's Avatar
      crp4570 -
      Great read and pics.
    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Thanks for sharing the great information and pictures.
    1. Barnacle Bill's Avatar
      Barnacle Bill -
      Good report and pics. Thanks
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