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  • Finally posting pics from Illinois camp...

    Rosatti's Pizza. Reminds me of living up north at IL/WI boarder. We had one across the street from us and ordered often. Their "monster" pizza is fantastic.

    Toasted Pork Chops. Not that's something to see, and taste. It was really good, gotta say.

    We caught tons of fish, not real biggun's but good quantity.

    I thought I had some more good pics, I'll have to look around. But here's what I got so far. It was a great time, thanks Steve for all you did, and all that helped out. I can add that Cookie makes good cookies, and that's a fact. She's got a secret for chocolate chip cookies that'll cost you if you wanna know! lol

    POST TWO - more pics:

    Steve needed a new battery, so we shopped at the battery graveyard! lol
    No, he just had his dead as heck battery tested here. It held zero charge, no wonder the trolling motor dint work! lol

    WE finally got back in the water with a new battery, and whoa-la, everything worked! And we found Jeff on the water fishing our spot. lol

    That's my old boat "Slab's Loss" in the background.

    Everyone had a great time, even Tim's grand kids. Can't wait till we have toasted pork chops on a stick, and Cookie's Cookies again!
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    1. SuperDave336's Avatar
      SuperDave336 -
      Sounds like everyone had a blast. Good times, good food, good friends.
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Looks like a great camp.....good times
    1. Crestliner08's Avatar
      Crestliner08 -
      Awesome pictures! Thanks! Still got me wondering about those "toasted" pork chops though!
    1. Retired2Fish's Avatar
      Retired2Fish -
      Looks like a great time. Thanks for posting.
    1. TerryD's Avatar
      TerryD -
      Yep, looks like a blast! Can't wait for retirement and the ability to go and do like Billbob! ��
    1. partsman1's Avatar
      partsman1 -
      Wish I could have been there

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    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Looks like there was lots of food, fun, fellowship and crappie fishing to boot.
    1. GoTennTitans's Avatar
      GoTennTitans -
      Looks like big fun. Keep the good times rollin!
    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      Great time
    1. ET Fish's Avatar
      ET Fish -
    1. Barnacle Bill's Avatar
      Barnacle Bill -
      Nice mess of people.
    1. Jamesdean's Avatar
      Jamesdean -
      Looks like everyone had a blast, even the young ones...
    1. Ketchn's Avatar
      Ketchn -
      looks like fun to me
    1. prefers shiners's Avatar
      prefers shiners -
      Great report....If you can have a better time doing anything else, I don't have a clue what it may be....good friends, good fishing, good eating....just don't get no better....
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