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  • Not the best of mornings

    Well....had my boat hooked up last night when my buddy Harry called. His boat was also hooked up, loaded with ice and lively herring and his son couldn't go so would I go with him. Sure, why not, much nicer boat than mine.
    Got to his community private ramp and the electronic lock wouldn't work. Backed that big center console about 1/4 mile up a dark one lane road and off to Koon Landing on Shull Island.
    In water and on my hot spot about 6:30. DF lit up with fish!! I had one hit a herring while I was getting my jigging rod our. Got under boat and came off, but Harry had one on. All this in 1st 5 minutes. I start to movel my other rod when a big swell hit us and I lost my balance. Next thing I know I got 2 of the 3 treble hooks buried in my finger and thumb. Tried to pull it....not coming. Manage to get hook off the 5" spoon.
    Harry gets rods in and off we go back to landing. Drive to Urgent Care which is 1/2 mile from my house arriving ar 7:45.
    5 minutes and I'm being processed. Doctor comes in at 8:05 looks at it and gets numbing shot ready. Asked me if I wanted to save the treble hook and I burst out laughing. I said only a fisherman would ask me that. He was and wanted to know what kind of plug I was using and we get into this fishing conversation, meanwhile I still got 2 hooks in my hand.
    I told him to cut the hooks so I could open my hand, heck with keeping it intact.
    8:20 hooks out and I walk out at 8:30. This is why I don't want no one messing with my healthcare.
    Lost my new hat flying back to ramp at 50 MPH and discovered I had broken my rod tip when I fell.
    What a morning, but I'm back home in one piece and rods and hats are replaceable.

    Hard to see in this picture but this hook is in my index finger and other one is in my thumb, otherwise I probably could have gotten just one out.
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    1. cva34's Avatar
      cva34 -
      Thats when you wish you used Barbless hooks...Ouch been there done that!!!
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Yep...some days are like that
    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      did that when just ready to quit with boatload of fish last bass flipped and got hook imbedded in thumb. tried unsuccessfully to cut it out then went o ER. had a room with recliners for simpler non urgent things like mine and doc came in took a look and said. You want the easy way or the cutting way. So of course did easy. took bit of line under hook and popped it right out painlessly and quick. Don't need a doc just a buddy knows what he's doing.

      saw that years ago on Outdoor life magazine. works real well. Hate that your day got ruined like that.
    1. Ketchn's Avatar
      Ketchn -
      I got hooked one time good myself, not fun
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