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  • Aquatic therapy last night

    After a hot, stressful day yesterday, I decided to head over to the pond and wet a line and depressurize a bit. Hit the water about 5:30 and called it a night around 7:30. I had no interest in cleaning fish last night so all were returned for another time. I started out with the usual offerings; Tennessee shad stinger, green/white tailed stinger and the road runner with a blue/black/white tail stinger. My first five fish all came on the gray Tennessee shad stinger, one right after the other. I'd toss it back out, take a lick or 2 with the oars and it would load up again. Road runner never had a hit at all.

    I worked my way along my usual route; I hooked a good number trolling at first then the action dropped off so I took to casting to the weed line. Oddly, along one portion of weed line, the gray was the lure of choice while further along, the green body/white tail became the favorite.

    I would cast 6-8 times in a given area with one color, often times not hooking anything then grab the other color and re-cover that same area and catch some.

    As the shadows lengthened, the bite actually tapered off and I had quite a stretch with no action. I was ready to call it a night so I hooked on the road runner, the green/white and the gray/green tail Slabilicious and trolled my way back to the launch. Final fish of the night came on the Slabilicious; he hit it hard and fought like crazy compared to the others:

    All in all, a good way to relieve some stress and learn a little more about our favorite quarry, by whatever name you refer to them as. Total tally was about 15 crappie, 3 bluegill and 1 bass.
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      gravelman6 -
      Good looking fish
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      Good report
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      Ketchn -
      very nice my friend
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      good evening on the water. thanks for sharing.
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