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  • The BíníM Pro Staff Trolling Pole Ė The Total Pole By Bernard Williams

    One of the first thing really sweet about the BíníM Pro Staff Trolling pole is how the reel fits in the reel seat. The lock nut holds the reel snuggly and firmly and the EVA Foam above the reel suits how I like to fish a trolling rod.

    When I hold the rod above the reel, it has a well-balanced feel. Thatís important when fishing multiple rods in multiple rod holders. Not many rods offer such padding above the reel grip as this rod does.

    You can fish lures from 1/16th to 2 ounces with the PST Tip. If youíre looking for a rod that allows you to troll slow or fast and control huge crappie, the Pro Staff Trolling Pole is the rod to reach for. You can lift a .5 pound to 1.5-pound fish directly into the boat with ease. I would not advise lifting any heavier fish without the assistance of a dip net.

    My preference is the 16í workhorse, however, if youíre not into the long rods, try the 14í PST. Itís perfect for boats in the 14í to 17.5í range. I use the 18í and 20í rods when fish are shallow and spooky. It gets the bait away from the boat into that quiet zone. You get a lot more bites with the Xtra-Long PST rods.

    My next favorite feature is how easy it is to find rod tips. Nothing is more frustrating than breaking a tip on my rod and not being able to find a replacement tip. You can find tip at BíníM website or Grizzly Jig.

    If youíre a crappie guide or a tournament fisherman, try this trick. Replace your PST tip with a Capps and Coleman Tip or a BGJP Tip. It gives you the sensitivity of the lightweight poles with the backbone of the PST. With this setup, you can troll jigs as light as 1/32nd of an ounce up to ľ of an ounce.

    One of the biggest mistakes I see crappie fishermen make is using a weight thatís too heavy. You canít see the light bites, especially in the winter months. Heavier weights cause the fish to drop the bait when they feel the resistance of heavier weights.

    With a lightweight jig, you can see the tip straighten out, go sideways or eases down. Itís time to set the hook.
    Iíve used the PST pole for decades and it has evolved over the years. BíníM added Dyna-Flow guides and a reinforced hi-vis tip for better visibility. The PST rods come in 10í, 12í, 14í, 16í, 18í, and 20í lengths.

    If youíre looking for a versatile rod that can be used for pulling cranks, slow trolling or semi-power trolling try the BíníM Pro Saff Trolling Rod. The PST from BíníM handles tips from different lines of poles (BGJP, Capps & Coleman). This feature alone gives you lots of flexibility when it comes to crappie fishing.
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      Good read
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      Has anyone else tried changing the rod tips? Back bone of the PST with a little lighter action sounds like it would would work well in certain situations.