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  • INDyak and Chance's (and Sophie Sue) most excellent fishing adventure!

    'yak, me and Sophie Sue decided to head to Lake Monroe yesterday. All the way down I kept thinking that this was crazy. Drizzle and fog all the way. I haven't had to wear my rainsuit fishing for years. I even took Sophie's raincoat which she hates and hates me for making her wear it. We got on the water around 8:30. Glad 'yak reminded me to hook my rope to the yacht. Well, the lake was 12'-13' high and the water temp was around 62*. I think the air temp was 48*. Cool enough for this old telephone guy to wear light long johns and insulated boots. I decided we would head to the slow zone of the lake even though we didn't see many boats. There were probably 20 boats for a tourney out of Moore's Creek ramp. I knew that there were lots of cover up towards the Pine Grove area. We got up there and got setup. We both used minnows, 'yak was using bobbers behind the yacht and I used my minnow rigs on 11', 12' and 16' rods. I didn't have any luck but 'yak started catching some shorts. Well, that's better than getting skunked, so we dropped the anchors. We stayed there for many hours, catching shorts and an occasional keeper. He did have something hooked but after fighting it, the line broke. I think it was probably the new world record striper or flathead, but...oh well. After it slowed down, 'yak wanted to go fish some docks. We went to the docks around Cutright. We stayed there for several hours, just pulling out crappie after crappie. 'yak was shooting under the docks while I used my 11' just dropping it or swinging it under the dock. He was using a plastic on a jig with minnow (I think) and I was using a yellow roadrunner and minnow. Yours truly did get big crappie for the day, if you want to say that, and he caught the most. I think we were there for several hours and decided to head back to the ramp. It was a slightly damp, cool and foggy trip. But once we got on plane it wasn't too rough. It was a long day but having my hairy daughter (Sophie), a good friend and catching fish made for a fun day. I only have one pic which you can use to scare off unwanted visitors. I think we caught 20-30 with 9 keepers.'yak has a lot of pics of some of the monsters, which I will let him add.

    Slab, I did find that my dog likes Slab Sauce. I have it in a small container and forgot to put the put the top on. I looked around and there she was, lapping it up. So, I guess I'm going to start hiding my stash.

    Thanks for reading my long winded novel

    INDYak posted: 20-30 on the docks. I think total was closer to 60 or 70 fish. Lol. No minners while shooting, just slab sauce (g sauce) and BGBS or mr crappie slabalicious jigs on crappie dreamer heads. Was a blast and my first time ever shooting docks. I had a blast and hope you did too..we'll definitely have to do it again...

    Chance Posted:
    It was probably 60-70 fish, I just didn't want to be accused of stretching the facts. It was fun, I'll probably take the Grandmonsters to a dock so they can 'catch'.

    Back to the Slab Sauce incident. I'm not sure there is any intoxicating ingredients in it but.....Sophie Sue was pretty much wiped out on the way home and all day Monday. I might have to order a bunch (not garlic, it may affect her at night) just so she stays calm when I have visitors. She does get a little hyper around some people. You would think I never let her out of the house.
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    1. gravelman6's Avatar
      gravelman6 -
      A good day on the water. Thanks for the story enjoyed the humor with the dog, hope the dog didn't pass gas all night lapping up the slab sauce.
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Good report
    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      Don't want to get your pup addicted to the sauce. could be an expensive habit! WTG on having an enjoyable day with a friend that's how you do it. Crappie wern't monsters but you still got to feel some thumps and have a few to take home.
    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      since this is a chosen story can't look up what state your in. Which Lake Monroe and where is this? thanks.
    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      never mind figured out how to check your profile and it's Indiana!
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