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    Camryn and I havenít been in a while, we both had time, and so we went. I had a good bite going the last time the river stopped flowing, and it hadnít rained in quite a while. Hoping the timing was right we dropped in before 7 and made it to where we needed to be. It didnít take long to find out things were doing just what I had hoped for. It wasnít 5 minutes and 2 solid Crappie were in the box. I handed the rod to Cam and she was quick to prove that she hadnít forgotten how. She started asking for help and rightly so. The fish she had on was just a sneeze under 15Ē and in tight quarters. A little more pull and a little net and it was picture time. Itís the one on the left in the group shot and the big fish of the day. I had one that was close but hers held its title with ease.

    We fished til that spot got slow and we went in search of some big gills but only found one, but he was nice. He now resides in the pond at Camís house. We moved around and found only one redbreasted sunfish that thought he was extra large instead of the average he was. We revisited the first spot and found a few more, definitely worth stopping back, but we were done. 10 fish in the box and we let keepers go, so it was a pretty old day for us. The fish went to a neighbor that couldnít get over the size, as most were 13 or better. A very good day in excellent company, and weather conditions that couldnít have been better. And all the fish shown were caught on 2lb test. I dearly love the time I get to spend with my bestest fishin buddy. Sheís now 14 and Iím sure her time will get harder to get a little bit of as the years progress. She and her Papa sure have a big ole time when we go. Thanks for going along with us today, and until next time we meet..........Skeet.

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    1. gravelman6's Avatar
      gravelman6 -
      Good fish, good time thanks for the share
    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      nothing like fishing with your kids!
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Thanks for sharing
    1. Anchor Man's Avatar
      Anchor Man -
      Looking good Tim. I haven't been in over a month.
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