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    On Monday I found a few good Bluegill in Pre-spawn mode, staging up on sloping points, steep banks, and small deep cuts. Water temperatures are warming each day, I found 80 degree water this afternoon, but most places averaged 77-78 surface temps. I was able to leave work around 4pm to have a couple more hours on the lake this evening. I started in the backs of some large coves to get out of the wind and look for beds in the calmer sheltered waters. The 18 Corto got the 1st call in the rotation, and I started with a 1/24oz Bead Head Buggy looking Trout jig I picked up on a bargain table at the Knoxville Fishing Expo. Tipped with a Lunkerhunt larvae, the small Gills just could not help themselves, it was fun to say the least. No beds though, just scattered fish around bushes and lay downs. I moved out to the steeper points of the cove and sure enough, the bigger fish were there.
    What a pretty fish, and the fight on the Corto is just awesome. The JDM PE line is very visible and sensitive, but the wind does affect the performance. The fish were feeding in about 8ft water, and if I worked the jig any deeper I stuck Mr. Whiskers or the Bulldog pulling Blue-Bass.
    After I netted and released him I noticed the errant loose jig that was stuck in the net. That was an accident waiting to happen. Anyway, I checked several more places with the same results, just scattered fish, not catching more than 3-4at any one place. I also switched back and forth between the Corto and the Triple Cross, and actually found myself reaching for the Major Craft more often. I did manage a few nice ones on it also, spooled with the 2lb Nanofil I did not have any break offs all evening.
    I did locate one bedding area in about 6ft water right before dark, and caught 5 nice ones on back to back casts. This bed will be investigated more thoroughly later in the week if the weather will cooperate! About 50 yds from this area I spied a huge Oak tree lay down off of a steep bluff and remembered I had the 7.6 MajorCraft X-Ride in the rod case. I put it together, tied on a Bobby Garland Baby Shad and dropped it down into the brushy depths hoping for a Thump. Sure enough, in 21 ft water a hungry Speck was fooled, netted, and boxed. Drop #2, Thump #2 and Crappie #2 joined her friend in the live well. I made a mental note, closed up shop and headed home. Total fish on the clicker was 31, with 10 decent Gills and 2 Specks in the bucket.
    These will go to the freezer for my Mother, she enjoys both species on the plate!
    It will only get better the next 2 weeks, so get out there, they are biting.

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    1. gravelman6's Avatar
      gravelman6 -
      Good pictures those bluegills sure are one pretty fish and fun to catch.
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      What time is supper ?
    1. Redge's Avatar
      Redge -
      Iím with G, Iím ready for dinner!

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    1. redearhoosier's Avatar
      redearhoosier -
      Very good effort
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