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  • Lock Your Lures in Place By Bernard Williams, Outdoor Writer

    Every so often I run across an innovative and revolutionary product gets my total attention. I was introduced
    to the Lure Lock Tacklebox at ICAST; it won Best in Show Award for Tackle Management Systems. Itís a
    proprietary ELASTAKTM GEL in the bottom of the tackle box that securely holds your lures in place. You can
    place your sinkers, hooks, lures, or soft plastics in place in the same compartment no matter how you flip or
    turn the box. Your lures are securely locked in place. You can flip the open tackle box upside down and your
    tackle stays in place.

    The dividers are easy to install, no more trimming needed to install. That was one of the most annoying things about putting together a tackle box. You press your lures into the gel that fabricated to the bottom of the box. It keeps lure hook sharp and protects the finish of those expensive lures. Lure Lock doesnít leave any film on your baits. The gel will not harm your lures, itís made from a soybean base ingredient thatís totally environmentally safe and scent-free. Lure Lock will hold soft plastics a spinnerbait skirts without damaging them.

    The tackle box is easy to clean; just rinse with water or run it thru the dishwasher. The gel will not lose its tackiness. The tackle box comes with a UV Blocker to keep it from breaking down. I hear itís been sun tested
    for 7 years.

    The tackle box is not completely waterproof but the gel will continue to perform even if it gets wet. The tackle box has been tested in heat over 200 degrees and down to 15 degrees below zero. I wouldnít advise putting them in the oven or freezer, but it is heat and cold resistant.

    The Lure Lock tackle box is made of pure polypropylene, itís the strongest box on the market. Other tackle boxes are made of regrind plastic, heat will destroy them and your lures. The Lure Locker was designed to give anglers the ability to keep all of their Lure Lock cases organized and ready for their next fishing trip. The Lure Locker securely stores up to five Lure Lock cases for ease of transport. The Lure Locker is designed to easily hang on a wall or pegboard, keeping your Lure Lock cases off the ground and at eye level, when not in use.

    I spend lots of money on my tackle, I hate it when the latches come off, the separators come out and allow
    my lures to get tangled, or when the box flips over, and everything comes out. The Lure Lock Tacklebox
    solves this issue.

    The Lure Locker is available at, Bass Pro Shops, Cabelaís, Academy, Sportsmanís
    Warehouse, Scheelís, Millís Fleet Farm, Field & Stream, Tackle Warehouse, Tackle Direct, and key independent sporting goods dealers.

    Click this link to see all the Lure Lock Videos.
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    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      I like that....really like the way to put five of them together.
    1. Crestliner08's Avatar
      Crestliner08 -
      Saw that displayed in last week's Bill Dance TV program. Pretty neat. Curious as to if you are able to put more than one lure in each compartment. On Bill's show, all he had was one per compartment. Space wasteful if that's the reality.
    1. partsman1's Avatar
      partsman1 -
      I like that

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    1. trypman1's Avatar
      trypman1 -
    1. Dirty mike's Avatar
      Dirty mike -
      Bought 20 of these before christmas at academy on clearance 2 dollars for the small ones, 3 for the big ones. Be aware they will take paint off foam bobbers and feathers of hand tied jigs. great for terminal tackle.
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