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  • Building a Community of Crappie Anglers by Brad Wiegmann

    Over the years the internet has influenced everything from relationships, communicating with others
    and yes even crappie fishing. Yes that’s right, crappie fishing as anglers started posting stories and post
    to forums. Today there is numerous crappie related websites, but only with its humble
    beginnings back in 1996 focusing on crappie fishing.

    Truthfully, Ed Moes, Owner and Editor of, told me how it became to be over a few adult
    beverages and the rest is history. However in the beginning it was simply a forum for anglers to post
    fishing reports. “It was one-of-a-kind focusing on crappie fishing,” said Moes.

    Shortly after Richard Williams started posting on to the forum and shortly later Bob Bass requested
    what became the second forum. “From there it grew and grew. Today, we are continually asked to start
    new ones and we do if it’s appropriate,” said Moes.

    Way back when was starting, Moes noted there were some negative issues with how and
    what some of the anglers were posting. Thankfully, one of his close friends encouraged him to stay the
    course and not allow these bad-apples to post on the forum if not appropriate. In the end, Moes was
    able to set high standards for individuals posting keeping ( - America's Crappie Community) a family
    friendly unlike many of the other forums on the internet. Of course that doesn’t mean that someone
    can’t write an inappropriate post, but it’s quickly reported or detected by moderators that deal with it

    Over the years has grown to over a hundred forums with Mississippi being the most
    popular followed by Missouri and Kentucky. Crappie anglers can check out the tabs on the
    Home Page including Home, Forum, Fishing, Fishing Forums, Store, Membership and All Stuff. The Home
    Page promotes current popular content for anglers to read along with posts about current events like
    Crappie Camps or contests. No ads are allowed in a post only in the "Member Sponsors" forum.

    Like most forum websites moderators get the praise or ridicule by members. For one Super
    Moderator stands out. David Shands, aka “G” or “Inspector G” has been a member of for
    over ten years now.

    Shands is phenomenal when it comes to protecting the integrity of and keeping the
    website free from advertorials and negative posts. Every angler is welcome to join with its
    “Family, Friends, Fishing and Fun” motto. Amazingly, Shands approves each and every new member’s
    account; in addition to reviewing memberships and blocking spam from the website.

    Although, Moes and Shands are the driving force behind the actual heart of the website are
    the members from across the United States. Passionate crappie fishing angler Dickey Porter aka
    Drumking is similar to other members on website. “I joined because of the
    family friendly attitude of the website,” said Porter.

    “The one website I was going to before turned so negative with comments and had little actual fishing
    information; I finally just left and that’s when I found website. Now I like to post and give
    other crappie anglers information on how to catch fish with details on location, water temperatures,
    color patterns and what lures. Plus, I like to include photographs of my catch or lures with each post,”
    said Porter.

    Porter noted he likes to make his post enjoyable to read; in addition to containing meaningful
    information. “It’s easy to post content or photographs on The one thing I did have to
    figure out was the orientation when posting a photograph. I do get a lot of good feedback from other
    anglers reading my post which is really encouraging,” said Porter. offers something for every angler wanting to learn more about fishing or anything related
    to fishing. Its numerous forums allow anglers to check out everything from crappie fishing, panfish,
    electronics, contests, cooking, crappie tournaments, live bait, boat mechanics and so much more.

    There’s also section with just articles and stories. Consider this your invitation to visit and
    becoming a member of America’s Friendliest Crappie Fishing Community.

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    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Great members...Its really like one big family here
    1. Boa3's Avatar
      Boa3 -
      Great site. The only one I check daily. Great people and I have made many friends by visiting this site.
    1. SuperDave336's Avatar
      SuperDave336 -
      Yup only site other than my email I check daily. Awesome!
    1. Speck Detector's Avatar
      Speck Detector -
      Only social media I "Fake news", just the occasional fish tale.....keep up the good work Slab, Mod's, ect....
    1. jgorski's Avatar
      jgorski -
      Only been on here a short while but almost every day I learn something new or get another great idea. Thanks.

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    1. M R Dux's Avatar
      M R Dux -
      Thanks for your vision Ed. The vast majority of my friends I communicate with often are members here and we started out as strangers who happened to frequent the same site.
    1. gravelman6's Avatar
      gravelman6 -
      Looks like a good time as always
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