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  • Philís Micro Trip

    Yíall know how I like to fish. Ive been telling my buddy Phil about it for so long it was beginning to get a little thin, so I got him in the other woman this evening and he got his introduction. Started fishing about 3:30 and stayed til 6, though the ramp was busy and had to wait for a few to clear before we could get out. We didnít keep any, this being a short trip and all. The app said that activity was low today but there would be a feed about 4:30 or so. I figured we would get enough to make us happy and I hit it right this time.

    Walked Phil through the learning curve and showed him what shooting was all about and before long, he was all over it. Staying under the trees is the game here and I only had to dig one out a couple of times. Heís a quick study. Right about then the fish started showing up. Slow at first and steadily built as we went. Visiting my pet fish this late in the day we probably shot past a few but......oh well. He had a thing going with some good Warmouth and I popped a nice bluegill, and then the Crappie showed up. With the sun getting close to the treetops, I hoped that the feed period and the golden hour before sunset would do us well. We werenít disappointed. And then I hear him going on about something and turn around to find the little rod bent up pretty good and the drag making some noise. Iím thinking itís a Gar but then he asked for the net. Donít tell me twice. He got her close and I gave a scoop to a genuine fat bellied female black crappie that hit the scale at a pound and two ounces. Thatís what we came for!! Pics and celebration had to be short, we were runnin out of daylight. Back after it we both came up with another good one each, but the first one would be the best for the trip. Some stud bluegill visited, and some of the smaller ones really liked what we were throwing cuz the forceps were working overtime. But the light started getting a little thin for my comfort so we wrapped up and headed for the ramp.

    Overall the trip was a success with the both of us agreeing that the app had been both right and wrong. The feed time was spot on but the rating of the day at 26 wasnít what we found. We couldnít have asked for better weather, both of us in T shirts and him in shorts. In January. Everything got a pass and we had things put up and covered in record time. Looking forward to the next time, maybe tomorrow? Hope to see you on the water soon......Skeet.

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    1. gravelman6's Avatar
      gravelman6 -
      Good report. Sounds like you got somebody hooked.
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Good job
    1. Crappie ciller's Avatar
      Crappie ciller -
      Good afternoon for you boys on an aptly named boat!
    1. ET Fish's Avatar
      ET Fish -
      Fun afternoon!
    1. Speck Detector's Avatar
      Speck Detector -
      Go get'em Phil..
    1. Frank Cecil's Avatar
      Frank Cecil -
      Good job. Another crappie fisherman hooked
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      Ketchn -
      Addiction is a terrible thing might have created a monster