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  • Monroe's MARVelous medley

    Here's a not so brief(is it ever?) recap of yesterday's(Fri.) Pontoon Posse pursuits on beautifully appointed(feesh) Lake Monroe. We met @sunrise @ Ramp 109 with Sheriff Don(Pontoon Pappy) already launched/ready after 8 minutes earlier making the "where are you now"? cellphone query!! I informed him that I was getting my caffeine allocation @Wawa and not to untie our horses just yet, after all the somewhat elusive(what recent intel I've collected) would just have to wait. I must admit, don't tell the Sheriff that I was extra stoked for today's trip even with the appointed 1 1/2 hr. Easterly drive. You see I have a penchant for surprising folks and this time will easily find a notch with all-time bests(literally)!
    In my title you'll see a curious, intentional uppercase spelling of MARVelous that will be easily explained. About 4 or 5 weeks ago, during a Pontoon Posse get together, I published a pic of the Sheriff holding some nice hostages, however his prescription glasses and his roll-up(gotta know Don) sunshields were amiss. Enormously and comically received by viewers there was one "simmering tea pot" that had a gifted idea in mind! His name is MARV(Pescador)elous, and he pm'd me for my permission to send me his unused cocoon "fit over" sunglasses to gift to Don(Postage Paid!) I easily accepted his generosity to help "dust off" the Sheriff's edge,lol. Got them in the mail as promised an proceeded to make the gifting date with Don along with some incidentals I found under the tree with his name attached. Let the drumroll begin...thanks again Marv, your mindset exemplifies what it's all about.
    Absolutely gorgeous sunrise with no wind factor to distract from today's mission/gifting ceremony. After finishing my assigned one-man crew, Deputy Doug, of deploying our 12 rod, long-lining method of combat/subdue/livewell/high five activity, it was time for the Captain/Sheriff to please come to the stage. I handed him the secreted beautifully padded, zippered case with Marv's cocoons and I asked Don(you don't tell Captains or Sheriff's to DO anything) to try those on over his prescription glasses = Fit like he had just come from an Optician visit!! . Three minute later we had the 1st rod commanding our(my) attention = acrobatic, aerial show of our 1st of four shad on today's journey, gonna be a super shad season on the St. John's/lakes fed by this year . Started into our livewell accumulation shortly thereafter, with some "hogs that escaped from the Pig pen"! Normal Monroe plastic color favs were the norm but two outside the box lures achieved notoriety. Mini Yozuri silver min-pin that I brought along from yesteryear successes, was split-shot weighted 15" above loop-knot tied Yozi, the action @boatside was spot on. About an hour later, after other artificials did their thing, the Yozi whistle sounded! A formidable 13.5" made his way into the wet tub as did a few more later on. While being assisted by the Sheriff, I suggest that the mini-lip was accidentally "dismissed from duty!"...because about 15 minute later while doing a fouled line check, I noticed that Yozi's action was now>straight as an arrow = not good. OR, so I thought...realizing now I had an opening in the box, I configured the "hoginator". I took a beetle spin w/#1 white colorado blade accentuated it's aggravation value by adding a Road runner Pro series 1/32 oz. with a 2" nose-hooked Bumble bee twister. I know it probable agitates you just reading it, right? Within 15 minutes, our well-shoulder hostage showed his fervor. When he surfaced, his tea-cupped size mouth raised my eyelids to Tylenol levels! I calmly alerted the Sheriff that his donut break was now over and his netting skills were needed NOW. The fish measured(with attach pic proof) to 14.25" and had a Postal scale weight @home 4 hours later @1 lb 15 oz. Here piggy, piggy!
    Incidentally, about an 1.5 hrs. into the trip, the Sheriff was looking around on the floor and places and I asked him what he was looking for he answered "those sunglasses you gave me" I said "Don you're wearing 'em bud" = Perfect fit, need I say more.
    Big 7 for the day weighed in @11.25 lbs. Fish caught/kept =32/25 including two shad w/roe(I love it) and hopefully my redfish audience will enjoy the cut up portions that I froze.
    Another anecdote was Don's generous nature in offering some fish to a broke down boat we encountered and they accepted before we offered them a tow. After some attempts, the guy noticed his fuel tank connector was amiss, a few bulb-squeezes later and it was a situation! We gave them 7 and another guy @ramp 5 more and another one of his active(2 phone calls while we fished) donees 5 remaining = I kept the "hogs"(7) for the homeport weigh-in.
    Somebody said I need to be 2 people to have this much fun...their right.
    Enjoy the pics

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    1. Ketchn's Avatar
      Ketchn -
      looks like a bunch of fun right there yawl ..KABOOM is the word
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Nice catch
    1. partsman1's Avatar
      partsman1 -
      Very nice

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    1. Slab's Avatar
      Slab -
      Some of the best pics posted in a long time. That first pic is awesome.
    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Wow! Nice crappie. Thanks for sharing the report and pictures.
    1. gravelman6's Avatar
      gravelman6 -
      Some nice slabs there way to go.
    1. Speck Detector's Avatar
      Speck Detector -
      Nice bag fellas...
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