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  • PEPTO ......for a too full tummy you say ?

    I would say yep , sometimes its the answer . You know when you are about to pop because you ate way to much ,and you feel like a blimp .This kind of thing takes place around this time of year.
    So if you suspect some local fish population might have had a bit to much to eat lately would you try and help them out with the indigestion that may be occurring ?
    Of course you would as a gesture of goodwill and kindness right ? Well sure enough that's just what they needed , a nice dose of Pepto Bismal ...
    So I dropped a 1/16 pink pink pink with a couple of mylar streamers on em that my bud SK made a while back . I figured since the water was like ice cubes when I touched it they might be deep and it was bright sunshine as well and I opted for the about 6 inches off the bottom and don't move much if any presentation .
    Well it didn't take long to figure out I guessed right and I laid hammer to em quite nicely . I hit two different locations about 30 minutes each and both also yielded one small channel cat each as well ? And even though the entire park was flat full of vacationing folks for the holidays there was not a soul trying to ketch a fish as they are not biting there due to the high muddy water conditions.
    Now mind you some saw me yanking em out and asked multiple questions and told them and showed them how to get it done and down the road I went . I let all the fish go on to do what they are doing and have not seen any fish any fatter then those were . Lots of em looked like spawn fish they were so fat in the belly .
    About 15 to 16 fow and about that same depth was were the fish were .
    water temp real close to or below 50 I would think ..
    hope you enjoy the read and photos
    and have a Happy Thanks giving

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      gravelman6 -
      Nice pictures
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      Very entertaining post as always. Great pics.....mixed bag too.
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      Great read!
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      Great story and I love those beautiful closeup shots! Thank you for taking the time to post and share!
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      Nice Ketchn!!
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      Wow! Nice catch.
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      Way to go