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    I've camped in plenty of storms. My Eureka tent is water proof and never had a problem with 7" of rain in one night. We kept dry as a bug in a rug. Even been in hail storms, one Illinois Crappie gathering comes to mind. I was on the lake and when I got back rumor had it everyone took shelter under my dining fly. Dining fly is a misnomer. It's a 10'x20' portable carport. I attach the rain fly of my tent to it and set it up over the picnic table. Half is picnic table, cooking and the other half is for camp chairs, socializing during inclimate weather. Taken many a naps under that dining fly.
    This is the dining fly I use.
    Max AP™ Canopy - 6 Legs

    If you look close you can see my cot under the dining fly. Like I said, been camping for a long time. Those that make the Illinois Crappie camps have seen my set-up. The wife wants to go and she requires flush toilets, hot showers and ac. Just ain't happening in my primitive sites. As for set-up and tear down. Tent and dining fly camp site it takes me about 1.5 hours to set-up by myself and I've torn down camp in about an hour before. Everything packed and ready for the next trip. With the camper, granted I'm still working out the set-up, tear down process but it takes about half that time.

    Rained during this camping trip. Sitting under the dining fly enjoying a cold one watching mother nature do her thing. It's so peaceful and relaxing camping in the rain.

    My oldest with a green carp.

    All of it fit in my old boat. This was a primitive campsite and accessed by boat. Every thing in camp was brought there and back in that 14' boat. It was a tight fit. We even placed in the money during the night tournament.
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    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Wow! Nice setup. Love seeing those old 2cycle motors still going strong. Great read. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    1. skeetbum's Avatar
      skeetbum -
      Nice setup. Camped in some tents with no floors when I was in scouts. I had a ‘56, 5 1/2 like the one in the pic. That all takes me back.
    1. Hanr3's Avatar
      Hanr3 -
      Thanks gentlemen.
      Good eye in the 2stroke. 1957 Johnson 9.9. hated to sell it, but it was designed to run on leaded gas. Ethanol would have torn it up. I did buy a boat off Slab though.
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