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    I tend to be the guy who pitches all kinds of things at the crappie . So folks frequently ask me to try different things they make and or promote . This in turn shows it isn't really about certain baits and or scents in most cases . Finding willing fish and getting the presentation the way they want it is the key .
    Now that said I know factually crappie and other fish like Slab sauce and for 2 days this week its what got put on the jigs .
    I also ran Berkley crappie nibbles on another trip or 2 and find fish having a hard time not tasting those as well .
    Someone gave me a bag of some baits called slab busters that I think are made in Missouri ? I sure like the vibrant color and the fish ate em up real well .Its a pretty tough plastic as well and I have yet to have one get torn up .
    Then of course I used a tandem set up at another location of some of my favorites from thermocline lures in a color called monkey business . With slab sauce on them I had doubles on my rig twice that day under a float in the river ..just saying
    and then last but not least I also tossed a crappie thunder on a big jighead one morning under a float at another location for 15 minutes and was pleased with a couple of real slab crappie in that spot and lost a nice one there as well .
    once again remember this yawl , its typically not about the bait color or style in lots of cases but more about the way its presented to the fish and if its not live bait it wants scent 99.9% of the time to seal the deal ..
    included are photos of some of what I pitched and ketched ..and yes I got a handite or 2 beat all up in 2 locations as well .
    keeping in mind ketching very high numbers of fish has it draw backs and somewhere in the area of bunches and bunches of lipped fish in 4 or 5 trips makes a persons thumb quite raw .
    so I would say ..don't try this at home
    stay tuned yawl .and for sure KABOOM

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    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Wow! Nice catch. Thanks for sharing the report and pictures.
    1. elkhunter's Avatar
      elkhunter -
      Good post, thanks.
    1. StantheMan2567's Avatar
      StantheMan2567 -
      Slabsauce and Thermocline lures are a good combination in Tennessee, but I agree with you about the presentation being the key to success when targeting most fish, especially panfish.
    1. Abbott's Avatar
      Abbott -
      very nice i am thinking about trying some kind of scents since i never have done it before
    1. zig zag's Avatar
      zig zag -
      nice catch ---------- the south Louisiana bluegill / bream also love that slab sauce.
    1. queyit's Avatar
      queyit -
      What lure is that in the clear with flakes in picture #3? Is it by Slab Buster? I'd love to get some.
    1. Crestliner08's Avatar
      Crestliner08 -
      Great post! And yeah....what is that clear plastic lure?
    1. DCottrell's Avatar
      DCottrell -
      hanks for the post, great read
    1. Ketchn's Avatar
      Ketchn -
      The tadpoles are a buddy of mines thing ...thermocline lures and pa shop over at lake fork ...nice folks ...not cheap baits ...those are called monkey business ...the mold is common but they have some outstanding colors in the lines they pour on them ....
      Those are the 2 inch version ...the have a tiny one also and a larger version as well
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