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  • Caught Some Good Ones Today ~ Monday January 30, 2012

    Fished from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM

    Wind Speed: WSW to SW at 6 - 13 mph
    Water Temperature: 48 degrees
    Air Temperature: 39 degrees at !0:00 with a high of 55
    Water Clarity: Iced tea colored / Visibility to about 2 feet
    Presentation: Tight lining minnows on Carolina Rig
    Depths Fished: 25-36 feet (mostly) off points along tapering breaklines

    Crappie Caught: 21 total (12) 8 - 10" (9) 11 - 14
    Others Caught: (3) Blue Catfish
    Harvested: 5 Crappie ~ All others released

    ~ Yesterday ~

    I went on a scouting mission on Harris Lake yesterday hoping to find some white perch and some concentrations of crappies for today. Shortly after I put in at Cross Point boat ramp and as I was idling through the no wake zone-- I spotted a small kayak in the distance that I knew from reading the NC board the night before had to be tony2innc… so I eased over to introduce myself, shoot the breeze a little and see what sort of luck he might be having. I noticed as I approached though… the closer I got the smaller his boat got.

    Tony said he was picking up a few and he went about showing me a little bit about his rig. Tony is a great guy and I really enjoyed talking with him… but I couldn’t help thinking the whole time I was talking to him…
    I’d certainly require a whole lot more boat under me than that before I would be out there… but that‘s just me... no offense Tony!!!

    Today I went straight to the area where I found fish yesterday and found there were two or three other boats already working in the general area although not over the exact spots where I had seen fish the day before where I intended to fish today. I got settled in a little farther (about 150 yards north) a little farther away from the area I intended to fish originally… but figured I would make my way more toward the south (and around them) once I showed them I didn’t intend to set up right on top of them. The morning started out very slow for me with only two blue catfish and several smaller crappies to show for it when I noticed that the other three boats were easing toward deeper water.

    I seized the opportunity (at first chance) and cranked up the outboard making my way into position off the point (where I originally wanted to fish today) and began working the area into the Southwest wind (which by then) had picked up to about 12 mph and away from the other boats. It was only a few minutes after settling in the area and getting my rods baited and back in the water when I noticed a twitching rod tip and set the hook on my first nice slab of the day.

    The fish were (luckily) still holding in the same area where I found them yesterday (however scattered) and (even better) had somehow gone completely unnoticed by the other fishermen in the area. I picked up about a half dozen more over about thirty minutes and man was it ever obvious (on hook set) that they all had shoulders on ‘em ‘cause they felt more like bass than they did crappie (each) making a couple of good strong runs (even) pulling drag until they would finally tire and I could see (each) as they got within two feet of the surface.

    The wind would gust at times (off and on) to about 15 and then it would trim to about 8-10 and then get nearly still and then it seemed to repeat the same routine all over again. It seemed like every time the wind would settle or change… I would pick up a couple of more good solid fish and another blue catfish.

    I caught some better fish than I have been over the last couple of weeks and it seemed like they might going to a little shallower water too because 27-28 feet seemed like the hot number today. I turned some good ones loose today too to catch another day.

    Thanks for reading my report.

    Until next time, Tight Lines Everyone & May God Bless You. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

    Wayne aka Special K
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    1. cnorf's Avatar
      cnorf -
      Great report.I thought I was in the boat with you....
    1. Special K's Avatar
      Special K -
      Appreciate the response and the kind words.
    1. ccfisher's Avatar
      ccfisher -
      Hey thanks from western NC , Good report !
    1. Pappy H's Avatar
      Pappy H -
      Still hard to believe that you can get a boat out on Smithville. This past week has been good past Trimble lake. Caught limit two days in a row. Nice fish, several over 12". The bite was not fast but steady with few that were under the limit. Drifting jigs slowly @ 15ft. deep in at least 25 foot of water seemed to work the best.
    1. msd7806's Avatar
      msd7806 -
      Nice report, Thanks.
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