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  • Three T.A.R.P. Night

    Not to be confused with the 70ís rock group. That being said, my Dad has been in the hospital since last Thursday, and my Mom stays with him 24/7. I called to see if she would go home and let me stay overnight, but ďMama told me not to come!Ē So, an evening fishing trip was in order! We launched around 6:00, the truck said 93, and there were very few rigs in the parking lot. So, it was off to try the docks, as the sun was bright, and the water temp showed 82-83 after finally calming down from being out of the water. We made our first run to our farthest dock that we were going to fish. This dock sits in up to 25í of water, and because of cross pieces, is hard to shoot without hanging up. We fished outside it, and the posts. Nothing of interest was showing up on downscan, and I was noticing some current pulling my green/chartreuse tube jig with a red headed 1/16. I decided to drop at the up current side, and let the current take it further under the dock. T.A.R.P. Number 1!
    Well, donít mess with what worked, so I did it again. T.A.R.P. Number 2!
    We played that hand until it stopped, which didnít take long, so we took a pretty long run to spot #2, and it was a relief to get the breeze from the run. There were some pleasure boats, but not nearly as bad as expected. In fact I was able to just enjoy the lakeís beauty. A pair of Osprey watched over everything from their elevated home. The water temp is climbing, but Iím still amazed that it has remained cooler, considering the string of 90+ degree days!
    Spot #2, we stuck with the drop on the up current side, and let the jig wash under the dock. T.A.R.P. #3! We did catch some normal sized crappie, as well as a decent Stripe/White/Yellow Bass....I donít know the difference. Some small LM and a big ol stinking drum also got in the mix.
    Ft. Loudoun is a lake that can reward you, but a 14Ē+ Crappie is the exception rather than the rule. So my rule is, when you catch one, they get a pardon. Three in one evening, well, I ainít done it before yesterday. That mindset granted a pardon to all fish on this evening. Loaded up at 8:30, and had the boat backed in and stored before dark. It was a fun evening, and probably the last hurrah for this week.
    If you can stand it, get out and fish early or late. As for me, Iím real close to the first night stalk of the season.

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    1. SlabSlider's Avatar
      SlabSlider -
      Awesome report! Excellent pictures and fish!!! Well done and thank you for sharing such a good day of crappie slab fishing!
    1. skeetbum's Avatar
      skeetbum -
      Good report on a very good trip. Love me some dock fishin!
    1. FurFlyin's Avatar
      FurFlyin -
      Way to go. Sounds like fun, except for the temps...

      I don't know how the water is that cool where you fish. Reckon your temp reading is off? Our water is 90 degrees here in NE AL.
    1. gravelman6's Avatar
      gravelman6 -
      Nice pictures thanks for sharing your outing with us.
    1. Alphahawk's Avatar
      Alphahawk -
      Congrats. Since I’ve been using the app I don’t get on this page as much.

    1. "D"'s Avatar
      "D" -
      Great fishing for one evening or any time. Nice pics.
    1. tfr7315's Avatar
      tfr7315 -
      Enjoyed reading your post and photos. Good tips about riding the current to get your lure under the dock!
    1. Ketchn's Avatar
      Ketchn -
      Looks like a real good day to me ....congrats
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