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    I said last night that if I got a small window in the weather I would go try out my new rods. Well, I didnít get gone at the crack of dawn but I did get out at about 0700:. Windy and humid, it was nice to be the third boat at the ramp. Dropped off the trailer and dropped the TM and started throwing a small fire tiger crank bait. Zip. Fired the big motor and headed to a place I fished a few months back with good results. Didnít want to go too far with the weather being unstable. Got there, dropped the tm and got after it. It wasnít long and I got a stout strike and off he went , around the big motor which had me running to the back of the boat to free the line. That done I finally got to get in touch with whoever was on the other end. Good fight, took a little bit for me to turn it my way, then I got some color and a look at that pretty red crescent on the gill plate. A good start for dinner, but it was his lucky day and he got a pass. Checked the app on the phone and saw that I was in a low for fish activity. If this was a low, bring on the good times! I eased along, casting as I went, and while there was some fish there, I changed to a color that had done well in the past. Bingo! Now I was busy. Got a nice gill that really gave me what for going left and right before coming to visit and collect his pass.

    A little about the rods I picked up Friday. I have mostly 2 piece rods and have looked for a while for a one piece rod that spoke to me when I picked it up and gave it a flip. Wednesday I handled these and both are one piece in 5í6Ē and 6í. They are Wally Marshall signature series, Tuxedo Black rods and have a good light action, necessary for throwing the 1/64 I have taken to lately. All of the ones I looked at on line were about $67 each, but these were in a bass shop and on clearance. Both out the door for $95 and he had my attention. Paired up with President 6920 reels they make a great lightweight balanced combo.

    As time went on, the wind got stiffer and boat control got tougher, but the bite just kept getting better. Picked up a nice 9Ē gill and an 11Ē crappie and lots of other smaller fish, lots of which were Warmouth with a severe attitude issue. Twice today my arm got pulled sideways by a small fish that must have hit it on the run. A pair of younger guys chasing green fish got close and we talked a bit as we did our respective deals. I never saw them boat a fish , but they got to watch me boat a dozen small fish from this one tree. Getting close to noon and my window was supposed to be starting to close by now. The other guys packed up and said they had one more spot to check before they headed out. I picked up the only bass of the day just after they left, with the textbook three jumps and all.

    One thing always present here is the wildlife. Today was no different. The Limpkin in the pic was about 12í away and in no hurry to leave, staying at least 15 minutes. The ever present lizards were also there. For the first time since the storm and high water, I had a doe cross by me. Good to see things finally getting back to normal. Owls were heard, Hawks were looking for breakfast, and the Osprey and Limpkin never let up for the entire trip, telling everyone who would listen where they were.

    Now that Iím home and lunch is over and the cover on the boat, the wind has laid down and itís down right nice outside, and the rain hasnít arrived yet. It was a real good short trip this morning, and the wife and I would have eaten well had I kept fish. Maybe next time Iíll keep a few and have dinner. This Memorial Day is to remember those who have given all for us, and not to be spent in menial tasks. My Thanks to all of my CDC brothers and sisters that have served and are serving now. You are all the best. Thanks for coming along today as I put a charge back into my batteries. I hope you get a chance to get out and get a few. Til next time............Skeet. And

    Please rotate my pics somebody. I donít know how.

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    1. gravelman6's Avatar
      gravelman6 -
      Good times thanks for sharing
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      "G" -
      Good read
    1. Roy's Avatar
      Roy -
      Great read. I love my Wally Marshall rods. I've been trying to tell people on here awhile on how great these rods are. I really love my 1 piece 7' Pro staff, looks to be the same model. I use my for casting, jigging and dock shooting. Looking forward to reading more of your reports.
    1. Dave and Lynn's Avatar
      Dave and Lynn -
      Good report Skeet.
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      up2specks -
      Gotta love ultralight fishing, close to launch is always a bonus too plus close to home. thanks for sharing your fulfilled experience.

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      LedHed -
      great report & outing
    1. Stone Mountain Crappie's Avatar
      Stone Mountain Crappie -
      Nice pics. Something missing. All the turtles sunniní On the logs.