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  • Itís been a lot of years

    Since I fished in the salty side. Got a call Friday evening from Speck Detector wondering what I was doing Saturday morning. All I had in mind was a trip to the river to do more of what Iíve been doing for the last few months. It didnít take much convincing and the plan for Saturday morning was made. We met early and headed east, both of us excited about the fish that had been found a week or two back still being where he left them.

    A stop by the bait shop and off to the ramp. I Wondered how heavy the traffic would be from the holiday weekend , but there was some trailers in the parking lot but lots of room for us. A good ten minute run upwind and we set up for our first drift. Now keep in mind that I havenít used this rod loaded with braid for a long time, and that any of the older braid has a personality, and youíll understand that I had a few technical difficulties. I guess I had a wind knot in the spool and didnít know it so as I went to cast the Spook I was trying to get some interest going with, it traveled about six feet, stopped cold, the knot parted, and I havenít seen that spook since. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. It was struck once and followed once or twice but no fish.

    I tied on some different things and had no success and about this time, Jeff puts a keeper in the boat. Things are looking up. I tied on 4 inch curl tail finally that was pretty close to what Jeff was using and after a bathing in ď The Sauce ď I used it til we packed up. We drifted a few times and went through a few areas that held more fish than others. Both of us caught fish that flirted with being keepers, but needed stepped on a few times to make the keeper mark. Back they went, Mr Greenjeans would have been proud of us. The wind by now was about fifteen steady and while comfortable while drifting, it made a move to a spot downwind from the ramp a questionable choice. We talked it over and decided to head for the ramp.

    Lots of smaller fish kept us interested this day but the one keeper was kinda lonely in the live well and he got a pass. Lunch on the way home and some good music and the trip was over all too soon. I canít thank you enough Jeff, I completely enjoyed the trip from start to finish. Thatís a sweet rig you have there and nice of you to carry me along. Iíll find a good bite over here on the sweet side and holler back one day soon. But until then, yíall stay tuned. Thanks for taking this ride with Jeff and I..........Skeet

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      SlabSlider -
      Great report! Well done on getting out to fish!
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      Good report
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