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    With social media, it is easy to Google any information you will ever need to know for just about anything. Crappie fishing is no exception. This brings us to the crappie fishing reality and what peoples' perceptions are about their fishery. The term "slab" comes to mind while researching the many crappie fisheries around the country. The perception of what is a slab crappie all depends on logistics. I have seen posts and videos of fish that averaged 8-12 ounces with a fish weighing a pound and a half as a "huge slab." That huge slab may be just an average fish in other fisheries.

    In some locations, folks may not bat an eye at 2 pounders and 3 pounders are very common. Then you may see the most envious post of all, those 4lb plus catches and some even pushing 5lbs. To most crappie fishers, this is the ones crappie enthusiasts can only dream of, which brings one back to their own reality of their crappie situation. There is no doubt, that fishers who live in the crappie rich fertile waters of the country may take what they have for granted. Some bodies of water are known for size and some for numbers. Depending on your crappie perception, one may be better than the other. Here in the deep south of Louisiana, the numbers truly outdo the size.

    A two pound crappie in the marsh is like a three or four pounder in other parts of the country. It truly is a trophy fish to land a two pound fish and worth hanging on the wall. In other fisheries a two pounder is just another one for the frying pan. That being said, in other parts of the country, catching 15 fish or more may be an accomplishment, but here in the deep south, may just be an average day. The great thing about the many different crappie fisheries, is that one can experience their crappie desires. Whether it is catching great numbers or enormous fish.

    A simple click on your social media device can locate what you desire in a crappie fishery. Some folks are totally happy with their piece of crappie heaven. Others love to travel and experience what other fisheries have to offer. No doubt, as crappie connoisseurs we are always looking for the next best lake, river, or bayou to catch the greatest number of crappie or biggest ever. We are always intrigued by what others may take for granted. Crappie fishers are a special group. When it is just as exciting to catch fifty fish as it is to catch a trophy, you know you are in your piece of crappie heaven. Good luck fishing. Hope to see you on the water.

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      gravelman6 -
      Good Read
    1. ET Fish's Avatar
      ET Fish -
      Great article!
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      "G" -
      Good read
    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Thanks for sharing this great article.
    1. davonne225's Avatar
      davonne225 -
      You are so right. In certain areas it is about the amount of fish you catch. Mississippi is the land of the 3 pounders though.
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      clangford -
      Great post. Thanks for sharing!
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      mac -
      Good post
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      Inkdabber -
      Go figure, Dale Earnhardt is alive, and catching crappie in Louisiana! lol
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      TerryD -
      You hit the nail right on the head. Good post!
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      Boa3 -
      Great post. It points out the vast differences we all have
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      Ketchn -
      tru dat my friend , most have no idea what the average crappie size is nation wide . I hit spots where 2 pounders are very rare all the time and a 1.75 is a giant . One lake visit often I hold the lake record and have for years with 1.25 lb black crappie. That particular lake has almost none in it and that one is by far the largest I have seen in there . I bet if there were real accurate surveys done in lots of spots it would amaze folks at the average fish size .
      good read
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      queyit -
      Great post. I get the same excitement catching a few 9 inch sacs under I55 as I do a 1 lb. slabs up at Ross Barnett. It's all about perspective!
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      Zman -
      A real good post, and very true. I find myself looking for a better place to fish.
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