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  • The skunk has finally died!

    It has been hanging in my boat with me for most of 2018. After fishing the main channel Friday, and only catching some dinks, I was sure the skunk had moved permanently to my boat. The main channel and creek that we fished Friday was 49-50. Instead of hoping for warmer water, especially since itís turning cold again mid week, I had an epiphany today. Why not try a river that is a main tributary? From a fly fishing forum that I frequent, I learned that this river was around 50 degrees where it exits the Smoky Mountains. With several miles to the lake, it had to warm even more, right? Happily, we found 60 degree water at the launch!
    The first spot, that olí skunk was firmly planted at my feet! We then navigated, very carefully, through some very shallow water. Spot #2, I saw nothing of interest on the olí Lowrance, and the skunk puffed up a bit more. Hit some brush, bridge piling, and a couple of docks. Nothing, so the skunk stretched out for a nap on the front deck. About that time, my wife saw a lone log, tree, not sure which, but it was alone, about a foot above the water, in the middle of the channel. It looked interesting enough, to check out. After a couple of dinks, Iím thinking just more of the same. Thatís when I saw it! The skunk was swimming away! That lil olí tree was holding some good fish! The water was 14 feet deep, and there was mud on their bellies. The current was moving, and a jig thrown above this little stickup would wash right to it. A little twitch, and game on! We didnít load the boat, but we found some quality fish...and that skunk got hit by a semi! Squashed him good! I hooked a great fish, that really put up a fight in that current! As it came beside the boat, I knew it had a chance at my PB! Hereís the thing. I keep this nice, large net behind the seat. Why? Obviously, just to drive it around! Since it had been so long for me to even see a decent crappie, in my great wisdom I figured I would just grab the line and lift it in. By now, you probably know how this ended. There is a big crappie, with a 1/16 oz pink jighead, dressed with a purple/chartreuse baby shad in the roof of its mouth, still swimming! At least the skunk is dead, and we invited five good crappie to supper! Several others were released, some even on purpose! Maybe itís getting better!

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    1. gravelman6's Avatar
      gravelman6 -
      Nice fish to end the skunk. Way to go.
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Good job ET
    1. scrat's Avatar
      scrat -
      Wow! Nice crappie. Thanks for sharing the great report and pictures.
    1. Dave and Lynn's Avatar
      Dave and Lynn -
      Great story. Glad you got the skunk out of the boat.
    1. Ketchn's Avatar
      Ketchn -
      nice read .....congrats on the fish .....time for dinner
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