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  • A Beautiful Day at Harris Lake ~ 12/14/2011

    I knew it was going to be another blue bird day today… but my choices were wind or calm… and I chose calm. I put in about 9:30 this morning and there were only about a dozen other boats that had already put in and a few more that came in after I did.

    I started marking fish in the deep water right at the boat ramp so I threw a couple of buoy markers out and started catching fish. From the start today it looked like the fish were holding in better concentrations and stacking more than what I’d been seeing over the last couple of weeks and I was definitely seeing more fish too. They seemed far less scattered today and at times I was catching them about 10 or 15 minutes apart… but still no doubles or no triples again today. I noticed a lot more seagulls moving in too… getting poised for the winter shad die-off.

    I fished a lot of different areas of the lake today and never really spent more than about an hour in any one spot… and usually left the fish biting whenever I made a move today. I know you should never leave fish to find fish… but today it seemed like I always found fish. Up to this point, I was catching to many dinks for my liking… and got into the small white perch in a spot or two… so I kept moving until I finally got out of the small ones.

    I noticed one area in about 30 – 32 feet of water where the fish were really stacked very near the big flats… where I usually spend a whole lot of time at this time of year… but I didn’t fish this area today. I always like to do a lot of scouting and I always try to know where I am going on my next trip… whenever I get another chance to go. I will be working that spot for sure over the next few days.

    Finally, I found a spot off a big main lake point where there was a big ledge that fell off from 24 feet to 30 feet. The ledge paralleled the bank and finally made a turn to the left following the contour of the point. This is where I found my biggest fish today. I love to feel those big ones pullin' in the deep water. It was a blast!!! These fish all had some good size to them and most pulled drag and made several good runs before I got them to the surface.

    I hung a monster slab today that I thought was a largemouth bass that got off when I went to pick him up and into the boat. I feel sure he would have been well over two pounds. Oh well, I should have used the net… that’s how it goes.
    The one that got away!!

    I spent a couple of more hours fishing this area until I finally ran out of minnows. I picked up several more good ones. I tried some jigs before I called it a day at about 4:00… but never could pick up anything else on the jigs. I talked to several others who were crappie fishing… and most had caught some fairly descent numbers and some quality fish too.

    Until next time… May God Bless You & Yours.

    Wayne, aka Special K
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    1. skeetbum's Avatar
      skeetbum -
      I had my best day ever this past Monday, and I know exactly how you feel. I had a couple of fish that pulled drag when I set the hook, and that always means a big fish. Glad to hear about your good day, good job and thanks for sharing.
    1. Special K's Avatar
      Special K -
      Quote Originally Posted by skeetbum View Post
      I had my best day ever this past Monday, and I know exactly how you feel. I had a couple of fish that pulled drag when I set the hook, and that always means a big fish. Glad to hear about your good day, good job and thanks for sharing.
      Appreciate the response and the comments skeetbum. I usually leave my drag settings fairly light... yet firm enough to deal with the occasional
      bass, jumbo white perch or catfish... so like you say... when the crappies pull drag you know when you hook 'em their going to be a good one.

      I just hate I lost that one at the boat. I would have loved to have gotten the golden rule on it and at least took a better guess at the weight.
      I keep saying... I can feel that three pounder coming this year... at first I thought that might have been it.

      Good luck to you.
    1. fliteking's Avatar
      fliteking -
      Some real beauties!
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