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  • A Day on Harris Lake with my son ~ A Better Day Too ~ 12/06/2011

    Harris Lake Was Better Today!!!

    Wind Speed: Southwest at 5 - 18 mph
    Water Temperature: 57 degrees
    Air Temperature: 53 degrees at 9:00 warming to 60 degrees for a high
    Water Clarity: Iced tea colored / Visibility to about 5 feet
    Presentation: Tight lining / Trolling minnows on Carolina Rig
    Depths Fished: 18 - 32 feet (mostly) along and over structure

    Crappie Caught: 18 total (7) 7 – 10 1/2" (11) 11 - 13 1/2
    Others Caught: 10 White Perch total (5) 9 – 10” / (5) 11 – 13” / (4) LMB 16 – 18” 1 Blue Catfish 17”

    Harvested: (11) Crappie / (10) White Perch / All others released

    My son came to visit me for the first three days of this week and one of the big things that he wanted to do with his dad was hit the lake. (Which, of course was alright with me) We were committed to rake leaves and do other yard work for my mother-in-law yesterday for most of the day… and believe me… we were both ready to hit the water today. We had a quick breakfast this morning, then scrambled to gather our provisions for the day and we were putting in by about 8:00 this morning.

    The fishing started out slow again today with a whole lot of searching all depths of water and all sorts of structure features on the main lake. We tried several places again today that were marking fish… but again… once you got set up on ‘em they were gone. I guess you’re probably getting as tired of hearing that as I am saying it… but unfortunately... it is what it is I guess.

    We finally ended up in the deeper water between the flats and the creek channels when we started picking up a few crappies here and there (kind of like usual lately) when suddenly the action started to pick up as the wind picked up to about 12 – 15 mph. (I don’t have a clue why). Whenever the wind picks up to around that speed I like to let the wind blow the boat backwards and just keep it slowed and guide it using the
    trolling motor. I usually let out a couple more feet of line to allow for the additional speed and lift of the bait and WHAM!!! THEY WOULD NAIL IT!!! It seemed like they much preferred it moving a little faster today.

    Once I figured out the reverse troll was working today, we tended to pick up a crappie about every 10 or 15 minutes for about an hour and a half until we started getting into those pesky white perch again and no more crappie. The reverse trolling method put my son, Sean, at a bit of a disadvantage in the back of the boat… so whenever one of my rods would go down… I’d set the hook and hand it to him. I must have handed him the rod at least a dozen times today and then I later took several pictures of him with his trophies (whenever we would get a lull in the bite).

    It’s been several years since my son, Sean, has been fishing… so he was having to review many of the things he had forgotten… like how to handle the fish, how to lip the fish for pictures… and of course which fish will fin or horn you… or cut you on their gill plates… or bite you when you lip ‘em. I had many a good laugh at him today… but he is indeed a great and fun fishing partner.

    We were in the white perch for about an hour and in very near the same spot as we did on last Friday and at very near the same time of the day as when I fished with brimbumm and Jim. The action wasn’t near as fast and furious as it was last Friday though… about one every 15 minutes… but, there were a few times when we had doubles on and we had to scramble to keep the lines from getting fouled as the scrappy white perch crisscrossed back and forth around the boat peeling drag on the light rod and reels.

    I hate white perch… but I sure do love catchin’ and eatin’ ‘em.

    I wish you could have been with us… you would have had some fun too. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

    Until next time… May God Bless You & Yours.

    Wayne, aka Special K

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    1. crappie4me2's Avatar
      crappie4me2 -
      Great story and I'm glad y'all got to spend sometime on the water together.
    1. Special K's Avatar
      Special K -
      Quote Originally Posted by crappie4me2 View Post
      Great story and I'm glad y'all got to spend sometime on the water together.
      Appreciate the response brother. I am glad too... fish or no fish.
    1. SEA DANCER's Avatar
      SEA DANCER -
      Great report and I know you had a great day with your son. My son is in Colarodo and I don't see him much. Have a good day.
    1. skeetbum's Avatar
      skeetbum -
      Great report and good pics, but better than that was the time spent together. It's not all about the fish. Good catch, I'll bet dinner was great.
    1. gabowman's Avatar
      gabowman -
      I know the two of you enjoyed the time spent together...even the yardwork.Thumbs Up I know it's nice when your son finds the time to see his Pops and gets to fish again with you. I feel fortunate getting to hunt and fish with my boy some too. Looks like you guys caught a good many fish and enjoyed your time together. Thanks for a good report with pictures. Congrats on the trip.
    1. Bald Eagle's Avatar
      Bald Eagle -
      Way to go! Good stuff. WIsh I could report same success on Lake Dora. Skunked again on Friday. Merry Christmas to you and family.
    1. dallas1's Avatar
      dallas1 -
      Great Story K Thanks for Sharing it with us!
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